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Residency: D Point

Dark Kingdom

Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance

Zoisite was the third of the Shitennou to be introduced. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.




In the live-action series, not only was Zoisite's appearance and uniform drastically altered, but his personality was as well. He was much quieter and more subdued than his prior incarnations. However unlike Jadeite and Nephrite, Zoisite is more obsessed with protecting Prince Endymion, rather than take orders from Queen Beryl.

Zoisite is the third of the Shitennou to appear. He appears briefly in Act 6, but makes his formal appearance in Act 7. He plays the piano, and can use his music to teleport or link to targets, including Sailor V, who he is very interested in finding - Queen Beryl gives him the task of killing her. Later on in the series, Beryl tasks him with killing Sailor Moon in an attempt to reverse the same fate that Princess Serenity brought on them. Zoisite would eventually betray Queen Beryl by protecting Sailor Moon from a Youma powered by Metaria. In the process, he's injured terribly and asks Sailor Moon to forgive him. Before dying he plays his last musical note, trying to encourage Jadeite and Kunzite to save their prince and leave Beryl.



Dark Kingdom

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