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Zoisite is a member of the Shitennou. This is the second animated depiction of the original manga character.



Zoisite has wavy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. He has a blue-grey suit with green trim.


Zoisite is first seen in episode 3, ridiculing Jadeite for not succeeding. In episode 4, Zoisite introduces himself (along with the other three Shitennou) to the Sailor Senshi.

In episode 6, Queen Beryl sends Zoisite to locate the Silver Crystal. Disguising himself as a woman and calling himself Dr Isono, he releases an energy from the screens and televisions, brainwashing people.

He fails to get the crystal again, as seen in episode 7 where his brainwashing plan is foiled by Sailor Moon's attack. However, he does manage to knock out Mamoru, however Sailor Venus foils his plan to hurt Sailor Moon.

In Episode 10, he learns that he was a knight of Endymion's after eaves dropping on Queen Beryl. In Episode 12, he ends up being killed, much like the rest of his comrades, but in Episode 13, he returns and appears with the rest of the Shittenou.


Zoisite can teleport, like the rest of the Shittenou. He is also capable of using media devices to cause mass hypnosis and to steal the energy from the victims. When fighting, he can launch powerful green energy blasts.



Look at this beautiful dork face
Zoisite in his first appearance
Dark k11
Zoisite in the opening
Zoisite after being drenched by Sailor Mercury
Zoisite in his Professor Izono disguise
The marvelous baerrito strikes again
He is P E R F E C T
Zoisite whilst dodging one of Sailor Mercury's attacks.
Zoisite protecting Beryl from Moon Healing Escalation
Tumblr nauw3px1X81qbu912o3 1280
Sailor moon crystal act 18 the shitennou as ghosts-1024x576
Zoisite and the other Shitennou as ghosts


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