Zoisite is a member of the Shitennou.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Zoisite's name is likely derived from a mineral known as zoisite.


Zoisite has long wavy blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and has green eyes. He has a blue-grey suit with a green trim outline. He also has knee-length black boots, a black belt, and grey stud earrings.


Zoisite is first seen in Act 3, ridiculing Jadeite for not succeeding. In Act 4, Zoisite introduces himself (along with the other three Shitennou) to the Sailor Senshi.

In Act 6, Queen Beryl sends Zoisite to locate the Silver Crystal. Disguising himself as a woman and calling himself Dr. Isono, he releases energy from the screens and televisions, brainwashing people.

He fails to get the crystal again, as seen in Act 7 where his brainwashing plan is foiled by Sailor Moon's attack. However, he does manage to knock out Mamoru, however, Sailor Venus foils his plan to hurt Sailor Moon.

In Act 10, he learns that he was a knight of Endymion's after eavesdropping on Queen Beryl. In Episode 12, he ends up being killed, much like the rest of his comrades, but in Episode 13, he returns and appears with the rest of the Shitennou.

Although their physical bodies have perished, their strong spirits/souls still exist within their respective colored stones to give advice, guidance, and wisdom to their one true master. In the 12th episode, their stones had protected their master from being stabbed to death by the sacred, Sword of the Silver Crystal to return Prince Endymion to life once again. The spirit of Kunzite later appeared and gave Endymion vital information on how to eliminate Queen Metalia once and for all. The other three then appeared and assured Mamoru that they would always stay by his side and knew that he and his Princess would live happily ever.

In Episode 18, Mamoru had used his newfound mystical abilities to call upon his four subordinates. Kunzite had said that he detected very strong evil energy coming from the Black Crystal earring and that he, Endymion, needed to believe strongly enough in his abilities if he wanted to protect the person most dear to him.


Zoisite can teleport, like the rest of the Shitennou. He is also capable of using media devices to cause mass hypnosis and to steal the energy from the victims. When fighting, he can launch powerful green energy blasts.



  • It is revealed in the past, he was Sailor Mercury's lover, in line with the original manga which depicts the two together in the artwork. However, in the 90s anime adaptation, he was characterized as in love with Kunzite.

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