Zircon is the pet eyeball of Zirconia.


Zircon is an eyeball with wings and a flame. It can usually be found on top of Zirconia's staff, but also spies on people to find out who could possess the kind of dream to have Pegasus inside their dreams. Zircon is the one who provides Zirconia with pictures of their targets. It is often chased around by the Amazoness Quartet. Zircon was destroyed along with Zirconia when Queen Nehellenia came out of her mirror. Zircon also makes an appearance in the Manga, appearing in Act 34, Volume 12 of the Manga.


  • Zirconia’s flying eye, Zircon, is named for a genuine gemstone not a synthetic, though the name cubic zirconia did come from the fact that zircons are very similar to diamonds and have been used as diamond substitutes.
  • Zircon is agender, as an eyeball cannot have gender.


Dead Moon Circus
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