Template:InfoboxCharacterYumemi Yumeno (Peggy Jones in the English dub) was an anime-only character. She was a popular artist in Tokyo, and many people believed that owning one of her illustrations could make their romantic dreams come true. She was initially very reclusive and hid her identity from her fans. She was also one of the Seven Great Youma, and she transformed into Binah when Zoisite removed the Green Rainbow Crystal from her body.

In episode 28 she had Usagi and Mamoru model for one of her illustrations. After Usagi and Mamoru left Yumemi's house, Usagi noticed that the Moon Stick was reacting to a Rainbow Crystal carrier... and that the signal was coming from Yumemi's house. By the time she arrived, Zoisite had already extracted the Rainbow Crystal from Yumemi and caused her to transform into the youma Binah. Fortunately, Sailor Moon was ultimately able to heal Binah with Moon Healing Escalation, and she was returned to her normal form as Yumemi. Later, Yumemi invited Usagi and Mamoru to the Juuban Gallery after her art exhibit had closed. She told them that thanks to Usagi's kind words, she finally had the self-esteem to stop hiding from the public. She then showed them a new self-portrait, this one much more realistic than the previous one.

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