Yoshiki Usui
Japanese: 碓氷芳樹
Romanji: Usui Yoshiki
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Fashion Designer


Brother (CWi English dub only)


Assistant, Fish Eye



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: We Love Fashion: The Stylish Guardians
Anime Voiced By: Ryou Horikawa (Japanese)
Steve Staley (Viz Media English dub)

Yoshiki Usui is a famous fashion designer who only appeared in the Anime series. He was a popular fashion designer who was targeted by Fish Eye for his Dream Mirror.



He was a fashion designer who was targeted by Fish Eye as the potential owner of the Dream Mirror which held Pegasus. Usui was in a slump creatively when he was approached by Usagi Tsukino, who asked him if he would design her a wedding dress. Enjoying her companionship, he agreed. He was later inspired by Fish Eye, who, despite being a man, Usui felt would be a perfect model for his female clothing line.

Fish Eye proved himself to be quite high strung and full of himself, annoying many of Usui's co-workers and causing him to fall out with his main assistant. However, after he realized how silly the designs inspired by Fish Eye were (they all looked like fish), Usui became even more disillusioned with himself and confronted Fish Eye - who removed his Dream Mirror and discovered that his mirror did not contain Pegasus.

After he was saved by the Sailor Senshi, Usui made up with his assistant and was then inspired by the short skirts of the Senshi to produce a line of miniskirts. He also designed a wedding dress modeled by a girl who wore her hair in a style somewhat similar to Usagi's.



  • Yoshiki Usui is the only target in which Fish Eye did not dress up in drag to lure. 
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