Yaten Kou
Manga star healer profile.png
Japanese: 夜天光
Romanji: Yaten Kou
Aliases: Sailor Star Healer
Residency: Kinmoku
Tokyo, Japan (briefly)

Idol, student (briefly )


Seiya Kou, Taiki Kou, Princess Kakyuu



Birthdate: February 8th (♒)
Age: 16


Gender: Female
Species: Kinmoku humanoid
Blood Type: B
First Appearance
Manga: Act 50 Stars 1

Yaten Kou is one of the members of the Three Lights idol group, and is the civilian identity of Sailor Star Healer.

Nomenclature & Etymology


The name "Yaten Kou" means "night sky light" (ya ten kou). In the Mixx manga, her name was changed to Yaten Lights, implying to the Three Lights.



Yaten is the shortest of her group and has long silver hair tied into a low ponytail. She also has green eyes and wears emerald earrings. As a member of the Three Lights, she wears a blue shirt with a red tie, and a light blue coat with a yellow rose, and light blue pants.

Sailor Starlights

Sailor Star Healer's sailor uniform consisted of a black two-piece outfit, consisting of a bikini-like top and shorts. She wears thigh-length boots and bicep-length gloves. She wears a golden beaded tiara, green beaded belts on her waist and golden star earrings. Her secondary color is light green. She also wears a light green criss-cross choker and green bracelets on her wrists.


In the manga, Yaten is the most artistic among the group. She likes photography, but she can also be rather playful as shown when she snatches Usagi's letter to Mamoru and makes fun of her spelling. She does not belong to any club and prefers to go home.


Sailor Star Healer, along with Fighter and Maker, first appears at the end of Act 50, where she destroys Sailor Iron Mouse single-handedly with her Star Sensitive Inferno attack. She later introduces herself along with the other Starlights towards the end of Act 51, after Sailor Aluminum Seiren is destroyed.

All three of them have been a constant source of help for Sailor Moon whenever she was close to defeat. They, along with Princess Kakyuu, went with Eternal Sailor Moon to Sagittarius Zero Star. However, once they reach their destination, they reach a desert with a mysterious cloaked figure on a boat on the sand. Once they enter the boat, the desert turns to water and all of them drown. The figure, revealed to be Sailor Lethe, prepares to kill Eternal Sailor Moon when she and Mnemosyne are destroyed by Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi. Both of them absorb the Sailor Crystals from the still unconscious Sailor Starlights, resulting in their deaths.

Sailor Guardian Info


  • Healer Star Power, Make Up


  • Star Sensitive Inferno



  • According to the Materials Collection, she boasts a weight of 38 kg, and if she doesn't sleep for 13 hours a day, her body will be unable to hold up
  • According to Naoko Takeuchi's notes in the Materials Collection, Yaten was like a fashion model - a delicate, egotistical, grudge-holding type who "never carried anything heavier than chopsticks"
  • In the Material's collection, Star Healer Beam, Star Healer Tornado and Star Healer Worm were additional attacks listed for Sailor Star Healer, but they were never used in any versions and was never specified what they did
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