Yaten Kou (夜天光, Kou Yaten) is one of the members of the Three Lights idol group and is the civilian identity of Sailor Star Healer (セーラースターヒーラー, Seeraa Sutaa Hiiraa).



Yaten is the shortest of his group and has long silver hair tied into a low ponytail. He also has green eyes and wears emerald earrings. As a member of the Three Lights, he wears blue long-sleeved button-up shirt with a red tie beneath his light blue formal suit jacket, light blue formal pants, and brown loafers. He also has a yellow rose which is kept on the left pocket of his jacket.

When he studies at Azabu Juban High School, he wore a different uniform like both Seiya and Taiki to differentiate the male students wearing the standard male school uniforms.

During tapings and making commercials, Yaten wears a casual outfit that resembles the standard male school uniform, a dark blue openly jacket with an orange short-sleeved undershirt, dark blue pants, and matching dark blue sneakers with lavender trims.

Sailor Starlight

As Sailor Star Healer, her height falls in the middle of the other Starlights and like the other Starlights, her male civilian identity is changed to their respective female identities during their transformation.

Her uniform consisted of a black two-piece outfit, consisting of a bikini-like top and shorts. She wears thigh-length boots and bicep-length gloves. She wears a golden beaded tiara, green beaded belts on her waist, and golden star earrings. Her secondary color is light green. She also wears a light green criss-cross choker and green bracelets on her wrists.


In the anime, Yaten is more withdrawn and aloof, preferring to spend time reading alone and focusing on completing the mission she, Seiya, and Taiki came to Earth to accomplish. She expresses disinterest in the people of Earth, frustrated by how they claim to love her without actually knowing her. Yaten takes her responsibility as a Sailor Soldier very seriously, so seriously, that she chastised Minako when she appeared to be placing more importance on being in an idol competition than her responsibilities as one of Earth's guardians.

In one episode during Episode 178, Yaten is very fond of domesticated cats which he tries to get Luna when both Seiya and Taiki tried to get her at the top of the wall as well as trying his best to rename her. When Luna was hurt by a Phage, Yaten realizes that he inspires her so much and takes a liking to her which caused him to protect her even more especially while defending her as Sailor Star Healer. Yaten also likes Luna's name after knowing that she was Usagi's pet cat.


Sailor Star Healer first appears in episode 173. She came to Earth along with the other Starlights to find their princess after their homeworld was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. She became a student in Juban High School, and also became a member of the Three Lights, which becomes famous across Japan. After Princess Kakyuu was killed, she teamed up with her fellow Sailor Guardians and attacked Galaxia, she also stood with Sailor Moon to protect her. After Galaxia was healed, Healer returned along with the other Starlights and Princess Kakyuu to restore their homeworld.

She has the most spiritual awareness among the group since she can tell when Star Seeds are taken by Galaxia or her minions. She does not like humans, viewing them as untrustworthy, and wants to find Kakyuu fast, so they can leave Earth quickly. Her opinion about humans becomes more strong when Usagi is revealed as Sailor Moon and tries to stay away from her. But, nearing the end, she changes her point of view and stays beside Sailor Moon to protect her, saying that, "A girl with such warm light isn't supposed to disappear."

Sailor Starlight Info






  • In the anime, while Taiki and Seiya were referred to with the honorific "-san", Yaten was referred to with the honorific "-Kun" instead.
  • Yaten is the only member of the Three Lights who is not shown blushing.
  • She took a bath with Luna.
  • In the Viz Media English Dub, she is the only character to retain her normal voice between her male civilian identity and as Sailor Star Healer as both Seiya and Taiki had differentiated their voices which Taiki speaks in a deeper pitch while Seiya speaks between his masculine tone in his civilian identity and her normal voice as Sailor Star Fighter.
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