Human Yasha

Yasha in her human form.

Yasha is a Youma who works for Zoycite (Zoisite). In Episode 19, Molly's Folly, she does not seem to be the main antagonist of the episode, as most of the other monsters are, but rather Neflite (Nephrite) himself. Her mission is to spy on Neflite and also obtain the silver crystal.

Neflite fights the Sailor Scouts and is at a disadvantage. Sailor Moon is about to destroy Neflite with her tiara when Molly (Naru) jumps in front of him, forcing her to stop her attack. Yasha, who had been spying on Neflite the entire time, then attacks Neflite under the assumption that he has the silver crystal, though he actually has the star cystal (or homing crystal). The crystal falls to ground and as Molly picks it up Yasha lunges at her but Neflite blasts her in the face with a fireball, breaking her mask. Yasha reveals her true form and then attempts to kill Neflite with her horns but she herself is killed by Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Magic. Her final words were "You have destroyed me!"

  • Yasha initially has the appearance of a human woman with smooth hair wearing a mask and robe but when the mask is destroyed she reveals her true form. A demonic creature with large horns.
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