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Template:InfoboxCharacterThe Xenian Flower (or the Kisenian Flower in the English dub) is the main antagonist of Sailor Moon R: The Movie. She is a parasitical flower that leeches onto a host and then deceives them into doing her bidding. She will then continue to feed off the planet she is on until it eventually explodes. Luna states that she is the most destructive life form in the universe.

Fiore found her on the remains of a comet floating through space. It is believed that the comet may be the remains of the last world she devoured. She spreads her seeds which turn people into drones so she can feed off their hate. Her seeds can turn into a flying fairy like minion, a snake like one or a humanoid form. Her base of operations is on a meteor that turns into a field shaped like a flower covered in her minions.

The Kisenian Flower died when Fiore realized how much Usagi had helped Mamoru, which ultimately turned Fiore good, disintegrating the Kisenian Flower.


The Kisenian Flower takes control over Fiore