The Witches 5, known as the Bureau of Bad Behavior in English dub, were five evil witches who

The base door.

served Professor Tomoe. After the first death of Kaolinite, they took over the task of extracting Pure Hearts. Their room is behind a door labeled "Witches 5". Comically, after Eudial's death, a poster is put up near the end of the writing so it says "Witches 4". After Mimete's death, another poster is put up to make it read "Witches 3". The witches 5 are in the Death Busters in which they serve pure hearts to the Messiah of Silence.


Eudial is the leader of the Witches 5, and the first to extract Pure Hearts. Her methods involve her using a Heart Crystal capture gun to extract Pure Hearts, then summoning a Daimon Heart Snatcher to destroy the Sailor Senshi if they attempted to interfere. She usually drives a car to get to her targets, and attack by using flamethrowers. Unlike the other Witches, she does not seem to use magic powers to fight as much as she uses machines and her own inventions. Although, she has been shown to be using some sort of magic, as she is shown teleporting in a similar manner to Kaolinite. She was killed when she crashed her car over a cliff as a result of Mimete cutting the brakes to her vehicle.

Mimete is the second of the Witches 5 who always picked on Eudial. Her Daimon Heart Snatchers suck their victims' Pure Hearts out through their mouth. Her targets are always well-known attractive young men. She uses her Charm Buster attack to emit painful sonic waves. She once decided to use Eudial's Electric Warp Device to increase her power, but was killed when Tellu pulled the plug on her machine and trapped her inside of it for stealing her job.

Tellu is the third of the Witches 5. Her strategy involved using plants called Telluns to extract Pure Hearts. She attacks by using vines that can electrocute her victims. But one of her plants, whom she transformed into a plant monster named Hyper-Tellun, attacked her 

Viluy is the fourth of the Witches 5. Her strategy involved using a master computer to extract Pure Hearts from exam takers of Mugen School. She uses a bracelet called a nanocuff to shoot a nano ray that can dissolve her enemies, but this bracelet was damaged by Sailor Moon, and thus the nano ray turned on her and dissolved her.

Cyprine is the fifth of the Witches 5, and shares her mind and body with Ptilol. They attack by shooting energy waves from their staffs, and use a glass statue to extract Pure Hearts from the students of Mugen School. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter tricked them into attacking each other, destroying them both.


In the manga, the Witches 5 were perfect Daimons created by Professor Tomoe. The
Witches5 manga

Witches 5 reporting to Kaolinite

y took orders from Magus Kaorinite and posed as students in Mugen Academy. They were also the administrative heads of their respective class: Eudial of Etiquette and Philosophy, Mimete of Performing Arts, Viluy of Science, Tellu of Physical Education, and Cyprine of Witch Training. They were each assigned to collect Hoste (or souls) and use their bodies as vessels for Daimon eggs. They only made brief appearances in the manga. After their deaths, Kaolinite resurrects them and they capture the Inner Senshi, until Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto destroy them. In the manga, all of them displayed the Death Busters symbol (a black star) on their foreheads.



All of the Witches 5 members as they appeared in Sera Myu, sans Ptilol

In the musicals, the Witches 5 made their first appearances in the fourth Sera Myu. Each of them appeared also in their human forms, however Ptilol wasn't included because of her being Cyprine. Each character had the same attacks as their manga counteparts.


  • The Witches 5 are unique among the sub-enemy group since, unlike others, there was no possibility of redemption for them in either the anime or the manga. The Shitennou are bewitched by Metallia in the manga, the Ayakashi Sisters were indoctrinated by Wiseman and later healed by Sailor Moon in the anime, The Amazon Trio in the anime and the Amazoness Quartet in the anime and manga become allies of the Senshi in their own free will, and the Sailor Animamates in the anime were controlled by Sailor Galaxia with bracelets.
  • In the anime, The Witches 5 seem to be humans from Earth rather than humanoids from somewhere in space. Although Pharaoh 90, Germatoid and Mistress 9 were from space, the Witches 5 seemed to be regular students at the Mugen school that possibly became brainwashed or turned evil when Professor Tomoe became possessed first. Before he was being controlled, it it possible that they were just regular people. This is hinted at the fact that Mimete once considered leaving the Death Busters for fame and fortune, as if she had once being a normal woman before becoming evil.
  • Like the Ayakashi Sisters, the first four witches in the manga (Eudial, Mimete, Viluy, and Tellu) were counterparts of the Sailor Senshi. However, instead of having similar powers as the Senshi, the Witches 5 shared similar interests with the Senshi, which they used to try to capture souls for Pharaoh 90.


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