Japanese: ワイズマン
Romanji: Waizuman
Aliases: Death Phantom
Doom Phantom (English dub)
Residency: Nemesis

Advisor for the Black Moon Clan
Advisor for the Negamoon Family (English Dub)


Prince Demande, Esmeraude, Saphir, Black Lady


Black Moon Clan
Negamoon Family (English dub)

Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
First Appearance
Anime: An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky
Anime Voiced By: Eiji Maruyama (Japanese)
Tony Daniels (DIC English dub)
Steve Kramer (Viz Media English dub)

Wiseman is the advisor to the Black Moon Clan as well as the main antagonist of the Black Moon arc of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon anime.


Wiseman takes on the appearance of an abstract human skeleton shrouded by a large purple cloak. Almost never seen with it off, it obscures nearly his entire frame with only his hands visible.


In the 30th Century, Wiseman wanted to unleash total darkness and the Death Phantom upon planet earth. After the Black Moon Clan were expelled from the Earth by Neo-Queen Serenity, Wiseman took this as an opportunity to achieve his goal. He manipulated all members of the Black Moon Clan to unknowingly support his self-interest by encouraging them to hate the Earth, seek vengeance on Neo-Queen Serenity, and destroy Crystal Tokyo. Although Prince Demande was in control of the Black Moon Clan, Wiseman manipulated him behind his back.

Wiseman had the Black Moon Clan launch an attack on Crystal Tokyo, destroying everything except the Crystal Palace, which was protected by a barrier. When discovering that Sailor Pluto sent the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, Chibiusa, to the past for safety, he and the rest of the clan traveled back in time to follow her.

In the present, Wiseman ordered the clan to find and destroy both Chibiusa (which they called the Rabbit) and the Silver Crystal, both being a threat to his plan. While in the present day, he also decided to conquer the earth of that time.

In the present, he found himself up against the Sailor Guardians, who slowly brought down many members of the Black Moon Clan. After Esmeraude's final defeat, he managed to kidnap and brainwash Chibiusa to do his bidding, turning her into Black Lady. The Sailor Guardians tried on many attempts to turn Black Lady good again but Wiseman kept preventing that.

Saphir discovered his true intentions after overhearing his plans and tried to warn his brother Prince Demande, but Wiseman attacked him. Badly injured, Saphir escaped to the Earth, but was eventually finished off for good by Wiseman. Demande later also found out of his true intentions and in a battle against Wiseman, was also killed by him.

Wiseman sent the Malafeic Black Crystal was sent to earth, where it grew, collecting power to open the gate to the dark world for dark energy to enter the Earth.

Black Lady had enough dark energy to open a portal to the dark world. In a final battle, Sailor Moon transformed to Neo-Queen Serenity and finally managed to turn Black Lady to Chibiusa. It was too late, however, as the world was starting to turn to darkness under the dark powers controlled by Wiseman, who revealed that he was the Death Phantom himself. Serenity used the Silver Crystal to counter the dark energy. She was joined by Chibiusa, who had silver crystal a part of her, along with the Sailor Guardians. Together, they destroyed the darkness and Wiseman along with it for good.

Powers and Abilities

He has total power over the element of darkness, shadows, chaos and the shadow realm itself.



  • The German dub translated his name rather literally as Der Erleuchtete (the enlightened one).
  • He shares the same English voice actor as Jadeite in the original DiC dub. This has led to some fan theories that Wiseman is in fact Jadeite in the future.
  • He is one of two primary villains defeated before the ending of his respective arc. The other being Pharaoh 90.
  • He and Esmeraude were the only main villains of the Black Moon Clan to be killed by the Senshi.
  • In the DIC dubbed version, his true identity, the Death Phantom, is called the Doom Phantom. In the Viz dub, he retains his name.

Black Moon Clan
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Leaders WisemanPrince Demande
Spectre Sisters KoanBerthierPetzCalaveras
Droids Aquatici and Veneti
Other Members RubeusEsmeraudeSaphirBoule BrothersBlack Lady

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