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Romanji: Widou

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Nephrite
Objective: To gather human energy
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action
First Appearance
Anime: A Girl's Dream: Usagi Becomes a Bride
Anime Voiced By: Yuko Mita (Japanese)
Barbara Radecki (DiC English dub)
Kate Higgins (Viz Media English dub)

Widow was a female spider-like youma recruited by Nephrite as part of his efforts in reawakening the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metalia.


Nephrite who was disguised as Masato Sanjouin noticed from his car the potential amount of energy from the home economics teacher (of Ami, Usagi and Naru). Miss Higure Akiyama had to offer in planning her wedding. After performing intonation with the stars inside his hideout, Nephrite arrived at a discount store Miss Higure Akiyama was attending to commend her for “finding” a stretch of quality silk fabric (with the aid of Haruna). Nephrite then used his evil crest to implant his youma’s essence inside Miss Higure Akiyama's chosen fabric, thereby making her obsessed with perfecting her wedding dress for an upcoming handmade wedding dress contest which she wishes to participate in. Luna suspected Dark Kingdom activity when Usagi Tsukino, Naru Osaka and herself witness a rather rude Miss Higure Akiyama refusing her fiancé’s gift of flowers. Luna’s suspicions are confirmed when Miss Higure Akiyama sabotages the handmade wedding dress contest at Juban Hall by using the hypnosis power of the youma to steal the energy of the audience inside the hall. The hypnosis power of the youma subsequently caused the energy level of Miss Higure Akiyama to peak and allow the youma to emerge from her hiding place within the fabric where she drained the woman of her energy. Ami, Usagi and Rei who infiltrated the contest transformed into Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars and the proceeded in battle with the youma. Unfortunately, the youma drew first blood and manages to emit from her mouth a strand of webbing which managed to bind Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury used her Bubble Spray attack as a smokescreen so Sailor Mars can use her Fire Soul attack to destroy the binding web which is encasing Sailor Moon and free her in the process. Widow rushes through Sailor Mercury's mist, confused about where the girls are. In a desperate attempt, she again emits a strand of webbing from her mouth. But this is no match for Sailor Moon who finally destroys the youma with her Moon Tiara. Miss Higure Akiyama and the other people left unconscious in Juban Hall awaken with no recollection of what happened. Higure Akiyama goes on to win the contest and reconciles with her fiancé to whom she marries.


  • Her name comes from a type of spider called a "black widow".
  • Widow has the shortest battle with the Sailor Guardians, as she only webbed Sailor Moon until Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars helped Sailor Moon to defeat Widow.


Dark Kingdom

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