Whip of Love

Ai no Muchi

Love Whip

Sailor Venus

Used for

Attacking and destroying enemies


Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Venus Love and Galactica Shock

First Appearance

Act 44 - Dream 6, New Soldiers Dream

The Whip of Love is an item featured in the manga, and used by Sailor Venus to perform the attack Venus Love and Beauty Shock. It is an upgraded version of her previous chain, which she used to perform her Venus Love Me Chain attack. While the previous chain had links shaped like hearts, the Love Whip features roses. While being controlled by Sailor Galaxia's bracelets, the Whip sports galaxy-shaped links, and is used to perform the attack Venus Love and Galactica Shock.


  • Venus' previous chain was actually introduced by name in Act 11 - Reunion, Endymion, as the "Whip of Love", by Sailor Venus-herself.[1][2] The next chain Venus uses upon achieving her Super-level Henshin is actually named by her as being the "Whip of the Goddess of Love and Beauty".[3][4]
  • Her use of chains as weapons link Sailor Venus to element Metal, one of five elements comprising the Wu Xing of Chinese tradition; a concept that influenced the abilities of the other senshi as well (Mercury- Water, Mars- Fire, and Jupiter- Wood).


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