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When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams
クリスタル輝く時! 美しき夢の力
Japanese: クリスタル輝く時! 美しき夢の力
Romanji: Kurisutaru no Kagayaku Toki! Utsukushiki Yume no Pawaa
Romanji Translation: When the Crystal Shines! The Beautiful Power of Dreams
English Translation: Golden Revival


Writer: Yoji Enokidou
Director: Yuji Endou
Japanese Air Date: February 24, 1996
North America Air Date: November 15, 2000
Previous Episode: The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehelenia's Magic
Next Episode: Dreams Forever: Fill the Heavens With Light

"When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams" was the 38th episode of the fourth season of Sailor Moon and the 165th overall. It first aired in Japan on February 24, 1996. The English dub title for this episode was "Golden Revival" and it aired in North America on November 15, 2000.


Queen Nehellenia survives the destruction of the circus tent and takes an unconscious Chibi Moon with her as the tent rises to the new moon. Super Sailor Moon follows in hot pursuit and finds the Dark Queen as an old crone.



Changes From the Manga

  • In the manga, rather than using the crystal, Super Sailor Moon evolved into Eternal Sailor Moon and with her new attack and the combined power of the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask, she defeated Queen Nehellenia.
  • The Amazoness Quartet don't help defeat Nehellenia, due to being sealed into the Amazon Stones. They are freed and redeemed (returned to Asteroid Senshi) after Nehellenia's defeat.

Other Dubbed Episode Titles

  • French: Le Pouvoir Du Cristal D'Or ("The Power of the Golden Crystal")
  • German: Die Macht der Träume ("The Power of Dreams")
  • Hungarian: Kristályerő ("Crystal Power")
  • Italian: Il Superpotere Supremo ("The Supreme Superpower")
  • Polish: Siła pięknych marzeń ("The Power of Beautiful Dreams")
  • Portuguese
    • Brazilian: O Poder de um Lindo Sonho ("The Power of a Beautiful Dream")
    • European: O poder do cristal ("The Power of the Crystal")
  • Spanish
    • Mexican: El Poder de un Hermoso Sueño ("The Power of a Beautiful Dream")
    • European: El Poder del Cristal ("The Power of the Crystal")



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