"When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of Dreams" is the 38th episode of the 4th season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 165th overall. It aired in Japan on February 24, 1996. The CWi English dub title for this episode was "Golden Revival" and it aired in North America on November 15, 2000.


Queen Nehellenia survives the destruction of the circus tent and takes an unconscious Chibi Moon with her as the tent rises to the new moon. Super Sailor Moon follows in hot pursuit and finds the Dark Queen as an old crone.


With the Golden Crystal in her possession, Nehelenia unleashes her endgame on the Earth, with the Dead Moon eclipsing the Sun, and dozens of Dead Moon Circus tents descending on Tokyo as her full army is brought forth to carry out her will.

Mamoru continues to writhe in pain as his planet is tortured by Nehelenia's power, as Luna, Artemis, and Diana watch the circus tents descend on Tokyo. As he struggles, he is soon summoned by Helios to Elysium. Taking his form of his past self, Prince Endymion, Mamoru is shown Elysium and how everyone lived there in happiness, before meeting Helios himself. Helios apologizes to Endymion for his failure to defend the Golden Crystal, and after discussing about how Elysium survived via people's beautiful dreams, Endymion has faith people will protect their dreams and keep them alive, and then asks Helios about his duty to protect dreams and his own dreams as well. Helios assures Endymion he has not given up on his dreams yet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Sailor Senshi face off with Nehelenia, who appears unstoppable now that the Golden Crystal is in her possession, making her powers stronger than ever. The Amazoness Quartet, watching helplessly, realize they might be the only chance the Senshi have if they can get the Golden Crystal back from Nehelenia. Still having a few tricks up their sleeves, the Quartet decide to perform one last switcheroo with replacing the Golden Crystal with a pineapple to get it away from Nehelenia. As Nehelenia prepares to finish the Senshi off with the Golden Crystal's power, she is furious to find the crystal gone and the pineapple in its place thanks to the Quartet while she was distracted. After the Quartet pass the Golden Crystal to Super Sailor Moon, Nehelenia blasts the Quartet away for their treason, but when Sailor Moon tries to use the Golden Crystal, there's no response.

Nehelenia cackles that the Golden Crystal's power is gone as it takes great power to bring it to the surface, and only she can do it, but refusing to believe Nehelenia's claims, Super Sailor Chibi Moon takes the Golden Crystal with Super Sailor Moon, and calls out to the people of Tokyo to lend her their strength and ability to dream to give them the power to stop Nehelenia. Calling out her transformation phrase of "Moon Cosmic Dream Action", Chibi Moon is able to get everyone to repeat the phrase over and over, resulting in the Golden Crystal's power being revived, to Nehelenia's horror, and with the Golden Crystal at full strength, Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon let Nehelenia have it full force. Nehelenia can only scream in terrified horror as the attack connects and she screams in anguish as her power is overwhelmed.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Poder de um Lindo Sonho ("The Power of a Beautiful Dream")
  • European Portuguese: O Poder do cristal ("The Power of the Crystal")
  • European Spanish: El Poder del Cristal ("The Power of the Crystal")
  • French: Le Pouvoir Du Cristal D'Or ("The Power of the Golden Crystal")
  • German: Die Macht der Träume ("The Power of Dreams")
  • Hungarian: Kristályerő ("Crystal Power")
  • Italian: Il Superpotere Supremo ("The Supreme Superpower")
  • Latin Spanish: El Poder de un Hermoso Sueño ("The Power of a Beautiful Dream")
  • Polish: Siła pięknych marzeń ("The Power of Beautiful Dreams")


Changes From the Manga

  • In the manga, rather than using the crystal, Super Sailor Moon evolved into Eternal Sailor Moon and with her new attack and the combined power of the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask, she defeated Queen Nehellenia.
  • The Amazoness Quartet doesn't help defeat Nehellenia, due to being sealed into the Amazon Stones. They are freed and redeemed (returned to Asteroid Guardians) after Nehellenia's defeat.
  • In The manga the outer Senshi are Present to Perform Sailor Planet Attack.



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