Wakagi's brother
Aliases: Masked Aloha
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Toshio Wakagi (brother)



Gender: Male
Species: Human
Likes: Travelling
Dislikes: Sailor V (briefly)
First Appearance
Manga: Vol.7 - Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!
Wakagi's brother was a Codename: Sailor V character who only appeared in chapter 7. His real name is unknown.


In the beginning of the chapter, Wakagi's brother was at the shopping district, puchasing a lottery ticket, only to be knocked over by Sailor V, who was anxious to get a ticket before the shopping district closed. Wakagi's brother bought a lottery ticket after Sailor V, but was too late as Minako won the trip to Hawaii and the contest closed.

Later, he used his savings in order to go to Hawaii, but, accidentally boarded on the wrong plane, and like Minako, ended up in Greece instead. He blamed Sailor V for everything, and Hibiscusy took advantage of his, and transformed him into the Masked Aloha. He later ended up being defeated by Minako, who transformed into a "Hawaiian girl", and passed out from shock. He woke up, and found himself alone and wearing a strange costume, which only made him angrier at Sailor V.



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