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“Vol.9 - Sailor V vs deVleene!”





Vol.8 - Love on the Boulevard - Full Throttle Turbo


Vol.10 - Sailor V in Trouble?!

Vol.9 - Sailor V vs deVleene is the first chapter of the second volume and the ninth chapter overall of the Codename: Sailor V manga. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


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It's almost Valentine's Day. Minako Aino is looking forward to the various chocolates that only appear on that day. Her friends are also eager, already planning which shops they will most likely visit. One of her friends asks Minako if she has a chocolate recipient in mind. Minako runs through a list of men, only to dismiss most of them; they're either dead, already have a sweetheart, or not up to Minako's standards. Another friend points out that mandatory chocolates do not count and asks Minako who she really wants to give chocolates too. Upon a little thought, Minako makes a shocking realization: there are no guys that she likes.

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