Vol.8 Love on the Boulevard - Full Throttle Turbo
Japanese: 並木道の恋-ターボ全開バリバリ!編
Romanji: Namiki Michi no Koi - Tābo Zenkai BariBari! Hen
Act: 8
Previous Act: Vol.7 - Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!
Next Act: Vol.9 - Sailor V vs deVleene!

"Vol.8 Love on the Boulevard - Full Throttle Turbo" is the 8th chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


During a walk through a tree-lined boulevard, Minako Aino is saved from a couple of juvenile delinquents by a young man named Saitou. Ever since then, she has had a crush on him and she does her best to get close to him. It is not long before she finds out that he is the leader of a gang and has been getting into fights with another group of delinquents. These delinquents are quite strange; they are much stronger than the average human and seem to be taking orders from someone. That someone turns out to be Vivian, a member of the Dark Agency who has been using these delinquents to harness energy. After Minako finds out about the evil-doer, she transforms into Sailor V. She saves the delinquents at the cost of learning that she never stood a chance with Saitou.


Minako Aino opens her diary and begins to reminisce about the day she met a special someone on a tree-lined boulevard.

At Shiba Koen Junior High School, a test has just been finished. As the teacher collects the papers, the students start chatting about the test or their plans for later. One of Minako's classmates asks her how she did, but the girl next to her tells her not to bother. Minako, slumped on her desk, disregards the question, certain that she failed the test. She says that there wasn't even room in her head to worry about it. The two girls are confused by what she means when Hikaru Sorano says they should go get some beverages on their way home. Minako readily accepts, suggesting a coffee shop in front of the art museums nearby. When Hikaru asks if she means the boulevard where there is a line of trees, Minako confirms the spot.

The two teenagers pass by another pair of girls who are saying their goodbyes to their teacher, Okamoto. Okamoto tells the pair to head straight home. The pair of girls start talking about Okamoto, saying she's like a woman from an exquisite painting and that she's popular among the students due to her kind and easy-going nature.

At the coffee shop, Minako, Hikaru, and two other girls begin to gossip. The other friend notices that Minako isn't paying attention to the conversation. After noticing that Minako's carrying something, she realizes that it's a diary with Minako's name on it. She asks Minako if she's been writing in it. Minako explains that she's been writing down all of the heartaches she's been feeling, which makes the friend ask Minako if she's feeling well. Hikaru dissuades the friend from asking further questions, telling her that Minako's merely lovesick from love at first sight, which shocks the friend.

Two weeks ago, Minako and Hikaru were taking a stroll along the boulevard when they were rudely greeted by two juvenile delinquents. Intimated, the two girls could only shiver in fright. At that moment, a tall young man with long hair appeared and accosted the two delinquents for scaring them. Realizing who he is, the delinquent's runoff, begging for forgiveness all the while. Minako can only stare at the newcomer in wonder, thinking him a prince that had come to save her and Hikaru.

Back in the present, Minako fawns over Saitou while her friends discuss the strange appearance of the juvenile delinquents. A lot of them have been popping up in that particular neighborhood and causing havoc by forming gangs and getting into fights. Not wanting to get caught up in any of this, Hikaru and the others decide it would be better if they head home. Minako decides she wants to stay longer. When asked about what would happen should she find herself in trouble again, she declares that her prince would swoop in and save her. Not amused by her attitude, Hikaru and the rest decide to leave Minako behind.

As Minako walks down the boulevard, she dreams about her prince again and vows to find out which school he goes to. Unfortunately for her, two juvenile delinquents pop up to accost her again. She starts to walk off when another set of delinquents starts talking over her. With a start, Minako realizes that she found herself in between two opposing gangs.

Not far off, a familiar figure scolds the factions for their lack of respect. The two groups of gangs get into a fight with the man, Minako chiding the brawlers for ignoring her. After she gets kicked aside, the figure yells at her to get away from here. Minako recognizes the figure as Saitou who in turn remembers her from before.

A stray fist punches Minako square in the face, knocking her unconscious. Saitou picks her up and calls to his gang members that they're leaving. The rival members start to go after them only for their leader to stop them. She tells them that it would be better to find a different gang with more members.

Minako laments her face getting hit, hoping that it didn't mess up her features. Someone calls to her, which wakes her up. Saitou notices her uniform and correctly identifies the school she goes to. He used to go to Shiba Middle School. Okamoto was his homeroom teacher when he was in his third year.

Minako can't help but be amazed at the situation: she's talking up close and personal with her prince! She starts to think that Saitou reminds her of someone when he asks her for her name. He warns her not to come here again due to the area being so dangerous. To his fellow gang members, he warns them not to harm her. He then walks away, leaving Minako a blushing mess. While all of this was happening, Artemis only watched.

Back at her house, Artemis chides her for getting hurt, believing that it means she needs more training. Minako defends herself by saying that those juvenile delinquents are scarier than any horror movie villain. In no time, she is dreamily remembering the respect Saitou's gang members gave her. Artemis can only look on in annoyance.

Meanwhile, the gang leader from earlier— named Vivian— reports to Danburite about her progress with the delinquents. She is confident that it will not be too long before they are collecting energy all over Japan. Danburite is pleased to hear this and hopes that they will be able to give Kunzite the good news as well.

The next morning, several of Minako's classmates are talking about the most recent news story; there have been some gang wars taking place in the area. There is even a particularly strong gang that has been getting in many fights and they force the losers to join them. Gurikazu Amano joins the conversation by telling them a rumor. According to this rumor, a past Shiba Middle School graduate by the name of Saitou is the one behind all of this and that he is the best of the best when it comes to fighting. Shocked by the information, Hikaru goes to ask Minako if this Saitou is the one that she has been crushing on.

In another part of the school, Minako drops by the Home Economics classroom and greets Okamoto by saying "Okappi". Flustered, Okamoto asks her where she heard that to which Minako can only grin. Okamoto explains that a previous class of hers used to call her that.

Minako gets distracted by a ring that Okamoto is holding. She explains that she is currently teaching the students how to make promise rings. She asks Minako if she would like to make one. An image of Saitou pops into Minako's head and she instantly agrees. She joins them to go shopping for materials, as well.

Along the way back from the store, the group of shoppers runs into Saitou. Minako calls out his name, which gets his attention. He turns and is surprised to see Okamoto. Okamoto asks Minako if she knows who he is. Saitou explains that he used to be in her class which jump-starts her memory. When she tries to chat with him, Saitou only looks wistful. He excuses himself before quickly walking off, leaving Minako to wonder if there's something wrong.

Sometime later, Minako runs to meet Saitou and his gang. When she finds them, she's horrified to see Saitou, all beaten up and bruised. She inquires about what happened; recently, a rival group of delinquents has set up ambushes and Saitou was attacked before anyone of his followers could intervene. These rivals are very peculiar: they do not seem to act of their own volition and are superhumanly strong. On top of that, their strength suddenly declines.

Saitou warns his followers not to speak too much. After all, it is not up to the rival gang what happens on their land.

The follower ignores him and implores Minako to talk some sense into his leader. If Saitou gets caught fighting, he will be expelled. The follower does not believe that the path Saitou chose is really for him and his gang members want to see Saitou graduate with a clean record under his belt.

Having finished the conversation, Minako walks to where Saitou is standing. He looks at her and tells her that his problems are none of her concerns. He notices a promise bracelet and immediately recognizes it as one that Okamoto would make. She always said that once the knot wore off, the wish that you made when you crafted the bracelet would come true. Saitou asks Minako what wish she wanted to be granted, even taking it a step further to question her if there was a guy she was in love with. Minako blushes hard and nervously shakes off his question by saying she is too shy to tell a crush her feelings. Saitou gives her this advice: it would be better for her to go tell her crush anyway because letting the opportunity slip through her fingers will only lead to regret, implying that this is the reason he has been getting into fights.

Minako tentatively asks why he wears promise anklets but before he can answer, the rival gang suddenly appears. In no time, Saitou begins to fight one of the members but is quickly subdued by another delinquent. Vivian lords over his humiliation while a brawl breaks out.

Minako can only look on in horror, yet she can sense that something is deeply wrong about the rival gang members. Artemis shows up with Minako's transformation pen in his mouth, meowing to get her attention. She receives a call from Boss who explains the situation. The rival gang's leader works for the Dark Agency by gathering energy through the fights she instigates. Once she steals all of a delinquent's energy, she brainwashes them and uses them as puppets.

Saitou and his gang urge Minako to run away and let them handle things before engaging themselves in battle. Minako is momentarily bewildered by the chaos when she remembers the followers' wishes. Darting behind a tree, she transforms into Okamoto. She rushes back to the fray and catches Saitou's attention. Alarmed, he asks her why she is here. "Okamoto" explains to him that Minako informed her about the fight and reminds him that she explicitly told him not to get into any more fights. She urges him to let her take care of this mess so he can see to his injuries.

Memories of the past flit through Saitou's mind, one's of the real Okamoto: her telling her students that the promise rings always worked out for her, another one explains that once the class has graduated she will marry, and the last one of Okamoto telling Saitou that he was one of her best students and that she wishes him the best.

Saitou tells "Okamoto" that there was something he had wanted to say to her but never worked up the courage to. Now that they have reunited, if only briefly, he will not pass up this second chance. As Minako's promise bracelet and Saitou's promise anklet falls to the ground, Saitou grasps her wrist and confesses his love then kisses "Okamoto". He lets her go and promises that this will be his last fight, leaving "Okamoto" to faints from sheer bliss.

Artemis yells at Minako awaken from her trance. She bastes in it for a moment more before snapping to attention and transforming into Sailor V. Vivian exclaims in surprise and demands to know who she is. Sailor V chastises Vivian and says her catchphrase.

Spinning a chain in hand, Vivian says that she's the head of the Dark Gangs Union and warns Sailor V not to test her. Sailor V shoots back with confidence that she'll defeat her. The two start to duke it out, with Sailor V kicking off Vivian's mask. Vivian throws the chain at Sailor V, which wraps around her wrist and gives her an electric shock. Angered by the trick, Sailor V snaps the chain and uses Crescent Super Beam, which weakens Vivian greatly. Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower finishes off Vivian and heals the delinquents that were under her influence.

Saitou asks Sailor V what all that was about but the Guardian of Love and Justice ignores his question by simply stating that he's forbidden from fighting. With that, Sailor V runs away with tears in her eyes as she says goodbye to her first love. However, she forgot that a whole group of delinquents were still there and as she leaves, they get into one of the biggest brawls that Japan had ever seen.

Back in the present, Artemis looks over Minako's diary and comments that Higashi was her first love. Minako snaps at him to act like a real cat and stops looking at her diary.

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  • In the original release, Vol.8 was the second chapter of the second volume.
  • This was Saitou, Okamoto, and Vivian's only appearance in Codename: Sailor V.
  • Danburite mentions Kunzite in this chapter, hinting that Kunzite is the one behind the Dark Agency.
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