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“Vol.7 Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!”
セーラーVバカンス編 - ハワイヘの野望!
Seeraa V Bakansu Hen - Hawai e no Yabou!





Vol.6 - Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga


Vol.8 - Love on the Boulevard - Full Throttle Turbo

Overjoyed on winning a contest, Minako is ready to go to Hawaii but she accidentally takes the wrong plane to Greece and encounters Hibiscusy of the Dark Agency.


Sailor V wins the first prize in the shopping centre's raffle; a trip to Hawaii. While economic bubbles are bursting in almost every other sector travel abroad is record breakingly popular so the Dark Agency decide to take advantage of this fact. 


  • First and only appearance of Rolling Screw Sailor V Punch.
  • On the 10th page a man is holding up a sign saying "This sign is property of Genma Saotome." Genma Saotome is the father of Ranma from the manga and anime Ranma 1/2. While in panda form Genma would hold up signs so people could understand him. 
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