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“Vol.7 Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!”
Sailor V Chapter 7
セーラーVバカンス編 - ハワイヘの野望!
Seeraa V Bakansu Hen - Hawai e no Yabou!





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Vol.7 - Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii! is the seventh chapter of the first volume and the seventh chapter overall of the Codename: Sailor V manga. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Overjoyed on winning a contest, Minako is ready to go to Hawaii but she accidentally takes the wrong plane to Greece and encounters Hibiscusy of the Dark Agency.


Today is the last day to win one of the prizes from the "Summer Everything Goes Sale, Jumbo Lottery" and Minako Aino is itching for first prize: a trip to Hawaii. After bugging her mother for a lottery ticket, Minako rushes to the shopping district. When she gets there, two potential vendors are bullying another vendor for selling takoyaki at the event. Transforming into Sailor V, she tells the two bullies that there can be two takoyaki stands, but they aren't listening. She beats them up only to be interrupted by a nearby clock bell.

Realizing that the lottery stand will close soon, she hurries to the stand and manages to win the trip to Hawaii. Another customer, this one being Wakagi's brother, wants to take a shot at winning, but is turned down since the first prize was given way. He tells Wagaki about this, adding that he was hoping to go overseas just like him. Wagaki replies that the only reason he's going to Greece is because he has to go with the Inspector General, Natsuna Sakurada. Wakagi tells his brother that he could just buy a tour using the money from his job, something that his brother reluctantly agrees to.

At the Dark Agency's office, Danburite talks with one of his lackeys, Hibiscusy. She tells him that now is a great time to steal energy what with the rush to travel during summer vacation.

Meanwhile at Narita Airport, one of the attendants calls for Sailor V. Minako and her parents show up and she explains that Sailor V couldn't make it so she herself was chosen to travel in the Guardian of Justice's place. Even though the prize isn't supposed to go to anyone else, the attendant makes an exception, giving the plane tickets to Minako.

After hearing about the flight fee, two teenagers try to sneak on board. Overhearing their complaints, Minako quickly transforms into Sailor V to intimidate the boys. A security guard demands to know where the ne'er-do-wells are. Scared by the two authority figures, the teens hurriedly explain that they didn't have the money to pay the fee even though they wanted to. The guard ignores this; if they can't pay then they can't board the plane, period. Sailor V tells the two that they could ask someone who's going on the same tour to pay for them, patting the back of Wakagi's brother as she does so.

Other people start to notice Sailor V and ask her if they can take a picture of her. As Sailor V basks in the attention, Mrs. Aino asks her husband for the camera. She wonders where Minako is for a brief moment before asking Wakagi's brother if he could take the picture of her and Sailor V for her.

Not to far away from this commotion, Natsuna tells Wakagi to check what all the hubbub is about. When she hears Sailor V's name, she quickly becomes enthusiastic, wanting to know what the Guardian of Justice is doing here. Once informed that Sailor V is off to Hawaii, Natsuna immediately decides to go with her, much to Wakagi's protests.

Having finally extracted herself from the crowd of fans, Sailor V rushes off to the women's restroom to revert back to her civilian identity. Wakagi's brother follows her in the hopes to snap a picture of Sailor V as a survivor for his first trip overseas. Unfortunately, he takes one right as Minako exists the room, making her exclaim that he's a pervert. A couple of girls not far off from them start whispering to themselves, wondering what his intentions are, while he desperately tries to defend himself.

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  • On the final page, Hikaru wonders why her gift is a Grecian rug. However, the graphics on the rug are hieroglyphics which was an alphabet used in Ancient Egypt. 


Sailor V Chapter 7
Minako wondering who Masked Aloha is

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