Vol.6 Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga
対決!セーラーV vs. 電脳少女闘士ルゥガ
Japanese: 対決!セーラーV vs. 電脳少女闘士ルゥガ
Romanji: Taiketsu! Seeraa Bui vs. Dennou Shoujo Toushi Ru~uga
Act: 6
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"Vol.6 Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga" is the 6th chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


A new fighting game called Cyber Girl Warrior Lurga has come out and it's already a smash hit. Minako Aino tries her best to get her hands on the game, but the luck seems to have left her. This ends up being for the best when players of the game get short tempers, leading to random fights and fits of rage.

After being informed that this is another plan by the Dark Agency, Sailor V goes to fight Cyber Girl Warrior Lurga, only to be trapped within the game. With some help from Gurikazu Amano, Sailor V defeats the enemy and destroys the game.


After a rude awakening by her mother, Minako Aino quickly runs to school, panicking about being late. Along the way, she notices a couple of middle school students bullying a couple of elementary school kids. Transforming into Sailor V, she fights the bullies only to be interrupted by the school bell. Dropping off the kids at their kindergarten, Minako makes it to school, but she arrives late, much to her chagrin. Artemis blames her inability to stop playing video games until late at night.

Minako greets Hikaru Sorano, asking her if she was able to buy a new game she had been interested in. Hikaru says she couldn't get it because of how popular it was. Gurikazu Amano, who had been listening to this conversation, pulls out a poster of Cyber Girl Warrior Lurga to see if that's what they were talking about. Gurikazu chatters about the game and informs Minako that the arcade she frequents has a copy of it.

At Police Headquarters, Natsuna Sakurada berates Toshio Wakagi for failing to solve any cases and leaving all the work to Sailor V. She threatens to fire him, but at Toshio's behest, she gives him one more chance to prove himself. Kicking him out of her office, she pulls down the large poster of Sailor V to fawn over, reaffirming her vow that she will get Sailor V to join the police force.

Meanwhile, Danburite reads about the immense profits the company who made the game managed to rake in. He asks Lurga how the Dark Agency's plans have been going. Lurga assures him that they've already got a lot of human energy and to leave everything to her.

Minako goes to the game center where she's greeted by Motoki Furuhata, who tells her that they've got the Lurga game. Apparently, the game is a really immersive experience; if you get hit while playing, you will feel pain. Excited to play, Minako shuffles her way through the crowd's legs towards the front. She sees Lurga in action, who hits the person currently playing. The crowd begins to get impatient and fight breaks out, something that Minako runs away from.

Disappointed, Minako complains about not being able to play when Gurikazu shows up. He gives her a copy that he managed to get, a gift Minako happily accepts.

Later that night, she attempts to start the game when her mother rips the helmet set off her head and tells her to go study. While Minako whines about this upstairs, her father and mother play the game.

The next morning, she sees her mother and father getting into a fight, making her wonder what's wrong with them. At school, students are at each other's throats. Minako tries to calm them down, but no one's listening. Her Boss calls at that moment, informing her that this is another scheme by the Dark Agency, the game being apart of it. At Boss's orders, Artemis and Minako go to the game center, but a similar situation greats them there.

While all this is happening, Gurikazu buys one of the Lurga game's motherboards at a nearby game shop. Minako bumps into him, thankful that he's alright. Gurikazu dismisses Minako's worry and says that he just bought "the best thing in the world." Distracted, Minako follows Gurikazu to his house, surprised to find that he's from a rich family.

After Gurikazu sets up the game and turns it on, Lurga solidifies before them, alarming both Gurikazu and Minako. Worried about transforming in front of him, Minako shuts herself in a closet and transforms into a maid. She boots Gurikazu out of the room before transforming into Sailor V.

Laughing at the idea that Sailor V could ever defeat her, Lurga sucks the Guardian of Justice into the game with her. Trapped inside, Sailor V finds out quickly that she has no control of her movements.

Gurikazu manages to force his way back into the room, where he finds Sailor V calling out to him. Momentarily wondering if he's hallucinating, he picks up the helmet and starts to manipulate Sailor V. With his help, the Guardian of Justice manages to overpower Lurga and eventually deal her the final blow.

Escaping from the game, Sailor V thanks Gurikazu, saying that she couldn't have done that without him. Angered by the whole ordeal, she breaks the game in half with an attack that ends up blowing up part of the apartment that she was in.

Hearing the explosion, Toshio rushes to the scene, only to meet Sailor V who says that it was the game. Unconvinced, Toshio tries to grab her, but she flees from him in the blink of an eye.

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