Vol.5 The Machinations of the Dark Agency
Japanese: ダーク・エージェンシーの院謀編
Romanji: Daaku Eejenshii no in Kakarigoto-hen
Act: 5
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"Vol.5 The Machinations of the Dark Agency" is the 5th chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Another idol group, Dark Guys, has taken Japan by storm, along with their sisters Twin Dark and Dark Shizuka-hime. Entranced by the newcomers, Minako Aino shirks off Artemis' ban from listening to any more idol music. This comes back to bite her when she almost falls pray to the Dark Guys. While Artemis saves her from nearly being brainwashed, he tells Minako off for continuing to shirk her responsibility. When Minako points out that she hasn't been clued in as to just what is going on, Artemis leads her to the Command Center where Boss informs Minako about her mission. Now understanding her duty as a Guardian of Justice better, she goes to fight the three idols and their superior, Fluorite. While she manages to defeat the enemy with ease, she's reminded that there's a more sinister presence manipulating events behind the scenes.


After attending a concert by the Dark Guys, Minako Aino and Hikaru Sorano chat about the live show for a bit. Hikaru asks Minako if she would like to listen to a Dark Guy album, but Minako reveals that she was banned from listening to idol music and snuck out in order to see the concert.

Artemis shouts Minako's name, making Hikaru wonder where it came from. Minako shoots down Hikaru's questions, quickly covering Artemis' mouth and running off. The two of them bicker over Minako's apparent lack of observation; Artemis pointing out that their last two enemies have been idols and that these new idols might be the enemy as well. Minako waves away his concern and starts to fawn over the idol triplets. Reading a poster that Minako showed him, he notes that the Dark Guys are apart of the Dark Agency, an organization that had also represented Pandora and Petite Pandora, Sailor V's last two enemies.

At school, a group of students discusses how there's a Fanclub for the Dark Guys and a member automatically gets tickets for their next tour. Minako is pouting about not being able to go when Gurikazu Amano pops up to tell her that she can listen to their concert with him. When asked if he's a fan, Gurikazu corrects Minako and tells her about Twin Dark, a pair of twin sisters who are related to the Dark Guys.

Meanwhile, Toshio Wakagi is— against his will— dragged to Dark Shizuka-hime's concert by a couple of fellow police officers. Upon hearing her sing, her audience is instantly enthralled, becoming light-heated and tired in the process of being brainwashed.

At the Dark Agency's office, Fluorite wonders how to target demographics that her three idol sets don't already cover when an underling tells her that she's got a call. Danburite warns her that any more failures won't be tolerated to, something that Fluorite already understands. Her idols are mere clones, purely made to brainwash people through their music, a plan that Fluorite feels is perfect.

While walking towards Minako's school, Artemis notices that the buildings along the street he's walking down are littered with advertisements from the Dark Agency. Furthermore, all the people he sees are rather pale and guant. Alarmed, he hurries down the road in order to alert Minako.

Meanwhile, Minako picks up one of the Dark Guys' CDs that Hikaru had dropped. Grabbing Gurikazu's CD player, she pops in the disc and starts to listen. As the music starts to hurt her, Artemis shouts at Minako that the CD is from the enemy, swiping the earbuds out of her ears while he does. He berates Minako for never thinking first and not taking her duty as a Guardian of Justice more seriously. Minako snaps at him that she never signed up for any of this in the first place and that she's still in the dark about just who she's fighting against. Thoroughly tired of having this discussion, he takes Minako to Game Center Crown and shows her the Command Center. Boss welcomes Minako, even though they would have liked for Artemis to wait until after she had done more training. While they can't reveal everything who they are yet, Boss explains who the Dark Agency is and what they want to achieve; they want to wipe out humanity and take the Earth for themselves by using human energy. With a newfound determination, Minako goes to do battle with the Dark Agency.

Upon arriving at a stadium, she transforms into a GI Fighting Girl in order to force her way into the duel concert. After the Dark Guys perform, the announcer introduces Twin Dark, but instead of the sisters, Minako shows up as a Debuting Idol Beauty. She accosts them for using idols to brainwash people before transforming into Sailor V.

As the audience evacuates the premises, Fluorite orders her idol clones to fight Sailor V. In the blink of an eye, Sailor V beats up the idols and vaporizes them with one of her attacks. Furious at this defeat, Fluorite morphs into her true form. Sailor V aims another attack at her enemy, but only manages to take off some of Fluorite's head. With one more attack, she overpowers Fluorite who melts into goo.

Artemis congratulates Sailor V, who points out that it was easy since she was focused. The cat corrects her, saying that what she just fought wasn't the real enemy; they were nothing more than a front for something bigger. Sailor V realizes this and that she's got a lot more training to do in order to prepare for the day when that fight comes.

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