Vol.4 The Ambition of Petite Pandora
Sailor V Chapter 4
Japanese: プチ・パンドラの野望編
Romanji: Puchi Pandora no Yabou Hen
Act: 4
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"Vol.4 The Ambition of Petite Pandora" is the 4th chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


A new idol named Petite Pandora has made her debut, leaving the populace entranced. With the wink of an eye, the idol can enslave anyone she wants, leading her to kidnap many students. All of this is so she can get revenge against Sailor V for killing off her sister.

After she gets enough slaves, she challenges the Guardian of Justice. The two do battle, ending in Sailor V's triumph.


Before Toshio Wakagi can get to the scene of the crime, Sailor V has already tied up the pair of robbers. Toshio curses his bad luck.

Minako Aino is fast asleep on her bed when her mother comes barging. She rolls Minako off of her futon so she can air it out. Minako tries to get her mother to understand that being a normal student and a Guardian of Justice is hard work, but Artemis quickly cuts her off.

After quickly finishing her homework with the help of her pen, she starts preparing herself to go shopping with Hikaru Sorano. Artemis complains about Minako slacking off and doing the police's work, to which Minako replies that capturing robbers is part of her training and that she wanted to outwit the police at least once.

At Police Headquarters, Toshio tries to convince the Inspector General, Natsuna Sakurada, that Sailor V is suspicious. Natsuna reminds him that Sailor V's appearance was the reason she created the Special Police Headquarters herself and that she picked Toshio because he was one of the best the police force had to offer. She throws him out of her office, telling him to quit complaining and go solve some cases himself.

Checking to make sure she's alone, she flips a switch that drops down a large poster of Sailor V in front of one of the office's windows. Natsuna starts to fawn over Sailor V, affirming her conviction that she will get the Champion of Justice on her police force.

Petite Pandora looks angrily at a newspaper, the front page containing an article about Sailor V defeating a pair of criminals. She vows that she will be the one to kill the Guardian of Justice. Later at her first live show, Petite Pandora thanks her audience for coming with a wink, turning her fans into slaves.

Meanwhile, at Minako's school, the students are talking about idols. Hikaru wonders they're even popular anymore, gaining the attention of Gurikazu Amano. He shows the two of them a poster of Petite Pandora. Hikaru brings up that there was another idol named Pandora not too long ago, making Minako and Artemis ponder if there's a connection.

At a bookstore, two male students are looking at a magazine article about Petite Pandora, while the idol in question walks by. She spots the two and winks at them, turning them into her slaves. She stops at Police Headquarters to drop off a letter of a challenge; she doesn't know were Sailor V is and Petite Pandora is hoping that the police will send the letter for her. The woman at the front desks praises her, thinking that she's nothing more than a girl running an errand for her mother.

At that moment, Petite Pandora spots Toshio. She instantly wants to make him her slave, but he kicks her out before she can do so. Grumbling at how she was treated, she makes her way back home where her slaves greet her.

Meanwhile, at Police Headquarters, Toshio spots the letter and reads it. The letter says that if Sailor V doesn't show up at a specific spot on a certain day, all of Petite Pandora's slaves will die.

The other officers are puzzled over the cases of the missing male students. The sheer number of people missing implies that there might be organized, but since there aren't any clues, they can't pinpoint a suspect, nevertheless the perpetrator. One of the officers hopes that Sailor V will show up and give them a hand; the other reassures him that she will. This earns Toshio's ire, pointing out that they can not trust the mysterious Sailor V.

At Minako's school, Gurikazu picks up on the going's on at the station. Minako chides him for continuing his illegal activities. Gurikazu tells Minako about the letter of challenge. She rips a photo collection of Petite Pandora away from Gurikazu for study. The photos reaffirm the idea that the idol looks just like her last enemy.

When her pen starts beeping, she hurries behind a wall and answers the call. Boss tells Minako about the disappearances and then she informs them about the letter. Boss orders her that she must confront Petite Pandora and defeat her if she is, in fact, the enemy.

At Shiba Park, the police have already arrived. Toshio is obstinate that Sailor V won't take credit for solving the crime this time and Natsuna is all a-flutter at the thought of being able to witness Sailor V in action. Noticing the police, Minako decides to hold off on becoming the Guardian of Justice at the moment. Instead, she transforms into a pretty-boy idol, the idea being that an idol such as Petite Pandora would only notice beautiful people.

Overhead, a blimp stops above the park. While on a decorative swing, Petite Pandora descends onto the unsuspecting police force. With a wink, she entraps the male officers and Toshio. She spots Minako-as-an-idol-boy and is entrances by "his" good looks. Delighted that the plan worked, Minako transforms into Sailor V.

Petite Pandora confirms that Pandora was her older sister and that she's here to get revenge for her death. Her slaves rush Sailor V, there numbers making it hard for her to fight them all off. She uses one of her attacks, managing to hit Petite Pandora. The idol slowly melts into goo while giving off a terrible smelling gas that could kill everybody within the surrounding area. Artemis tells her to purify the gas. As a bright light emanates from the compact, the rest of Petite Pandora fades away, releasing everyone who had been her minions.

Artemis congratulates Sailor V for a job well done, reminding her that her true purpose has only just begun. She asks Artemis what he means by that, but he refuses to say.

After being spotted by Toshio, she makes her get away, leaving Toshio irritated and Natsuna swooning.

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  • At the beginning of the chapter, Minako is shown sleeping with the 1st volume of "Codename: Sailor V" beside her.
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