Vol.3 Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition
セーラーV初登場! - 「チャンネル44」パンドラの野望編
SV Vol 3
Japanese: セーラーV初登場! - 「チャンネル44」パンドラの野望編
Romanji: Seeraa Bui Hatsu Toujou! - "Channeru 44" Pandora no Yabou-hen
Act: 3
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"Vol.3 Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition" is the 3rd of the Codename: Sailor V manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


A new idol named Pandora is set to make her debut, but unfortunately for Minako Aino, she can't watch it. This turns out to be a good thing when the townspeople end up being brainwashed by the idol's broadcast. Rushing to Channel 44, Minako confronts Pandora as Sailor V and reveals her as the enemy. She defeats Pandora, saving those that had been turned into her slaves.


While at the shopping district, Minako Aino stops to admire some posters of an upcoming idol, Pandora. Minako decides to help herself to some, earning her a talking to from Artemis. She chides him for speaking in public, reminding him that a talking cat isn't exactly natural.

Artemis reads one of the posters, noting that a TV channel called Channel 44 was going to air a 24-hour idol show. Too busy paying attention to her bicycling, Minako fails to notice Gurikazu Amano suddenly jumps out in front of her. She crashes into him, one of the posters falling into a nearby street gutter. She accosts Gurikazu for distracting her.

Hikaru calls to Minako that classes are about to begin. One of the night school teachers accosts her for being late, giving her fifty more English problems to solve. Minako picks up the pen that Artemis gave her and starts using it to write, thinking that it would help her solve anything. Artemis accosts her for this, picking up Minako's teacher's attention while doing so. Minako hurriedly tells him that she said nothing.

Soon enough, classes are over. The students start chatting about Pandora. When Minako exclaims that she doesn't have the necessary technology in order to watch the program, one of the students informs her that Channel 44 places antennas on everyone's home already as part of its promotion.

Later that night at home, Minako's father tries and fails to connect their television to the antennae. At Minako's complaints, her mother tells her to quit whining and start studying. Giving up, Minako goes to bed.

The next morning, Minako hurries to school. When she arrives, the classrooms are practically empty. What students that are there have a strange look on their faces and are acting strangely. Things get weirder when the teacher forgoes their usual lesson and says that they're watching TV instead.

Looking out the window, Minako notices Hikaru on the ground, looking under the weather. She hurries to her friend, asking her what's wrong. Hikaru lurches away from Minako, saying that she's going home to watch TV.

While on her way home, Minako notices the empty streets. She rushes into the living room, only to be stopped by a loud noise coming from the TV. Hands over her ears, she stumbles into the television. Her mother yells at her and pushes her away.

Meanwhile, people everywhere are staring vacantly at their TVs, mumbling to themselves.

Minako's mother starts giggling, even though the only thing showing up is static. Artemis calls to Minako that they've got orders from their boss and hands her the pen. Boss tells her that the whole town is being brainwashed and that if they don't stop their enemy soon, all of Japan will follow suit. Artemis and Minako run to the TV station, with Gurikazu following close behind.

At the station, Minako is barred from entry by one of the security officials. Adamant that they get inside, Artemis insists that they find a way in. Taking out her compact, she orders it to change her into a police woman. The guard lets her in, Gurikazu following behind her.

Minako starts looking around for Pandora, finding a dressing room without any mirrors.

Meanwhile, Pandora stops to rest from her broadcast. She starts morphing into her true form. Gurikazu spots Pandora, screaming in fright. Pandora grabs Gurikazu, who starts yelling for Minako to save her. Minako hears his call. She throws her compact at Pandora, managing to hit her. Minako orders her to let him go while pointing a pistol at the idol. Minako accosts Pandora for brainwashing everyone into giving up work and studying before transforming into Sailor V.

Astonished that her brainwashing doesn't work on her, Pandora orders her slaves to attack her. Sailor V frantically fights them off. Unfortunately, their sheer numbers threaten to run her powers dry. Artemis remembers the mirror-less dressing room. He tells Sailor V to hold up her compact so it can reflect Pandora's true form. Sailor V does so, making Pandora cry out that such a feat isn't possible. Sailor V finishes off her opponent with her usual attack, her enemy dissolving into an awful smelling mud-like substance.

Transforming back into her civilian outfit, the people who were under Pandora's control waken. Minako's relief to see that everyone's okay is quickly replaced with panic when she remembers that it's a school day.

When she arrives the teachers chide her for being late, giving her fifty more Math problems to do. Minako says that as long as she has got her pen, she won't have to worry. Artemis swipes the pen away from her and tells her to study.

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