Vol.1 The Birth of Sailor V!
SV Vol 1
Romanji: Seeraa Bui Tanjou!
Act: 1
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"Vol.1 The Birth of Sailor V!" is the 1st chapter of the Codename: Sailor V manga series. It was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi.


Minako Aino was simply a teenager in love when she met Artemis, a talking white cat who says she's destined to fight and protect the world. At first, Minako is unwilling to do what the strange cat says. However, after witnessing her crush enslave a fellow student, she transforms into Sailor V and defeats the underling-in-disguise.


Minako Aino is in gym class and is about to land a perfect dismount from the high bar when she lands on a strange white cat. She wants to show off because she is in a good mood, as this is the day she plans to deliver a love letter to her upperclassman, Higashi.

In class, her teacher catches her eating and chides her for not paying attention and for her poor grades. The white cat watches her through the window and wonders about whether or not she's really the right one, but a voice comes from the pen he carries, assuring him that she is.

Meanwhile, Minako is assigned to a tutor by an older student because of her poor grades and is thrilled when she finds out that Higashi will be her tutor. He tells her that she would look pretty with a big red ribbon in her hair. Higashi is then called away by Haneda. When Minako sees the two chatting with each other, she wonders if Haneda is his girlfriend, as the two of them make a good pair. Deciding that she can't be, Minako vows to herself that she will be the one to win him over.

As she leaves the class, Minako realizes she forgot to give her a letter to Higashi. She is surprised and annoyed to see the white cat lurking around again.

In the meantime, Higashi is surrounded by a crowd of admiring girls. He invites them to walk home with him with an ominous gleam in his eye.

Once Minako gets home, her mother yells at her for getting her uniform dirty and not acting ladylike. Minako goes to take a bath and looks at herself in the mirror, wishing that was she was prettier. The white cat appears and tells her that she was born with the protection of the goddess of beauty, and then introduces himself as Artemis. Startled by the sudden visitor, Minako screams and throws him out the window.

Minako returns to her room, upset about a cat that not only talks but peeps at her, wondering if it's some kind of joke. Artemis appears in her window again and tells her that she has been chosen. She has the power to transform into someone stronger and more beautiful than anyone. Minako has a hard time believing this, but he gives her a crescent-shaped compact and tells her to open it. When she does, she sees her reflection with the addition of a crescent moon on her forehead and a mask.

She suddenly sees a vision of herself floating in space near Earth, as Artemis tells her that this the planet she is supposed to protect. The vision then shifts to Venus, her mother star. He points out Magellan Castle, which orbits over the land of Aphrodite Terra, and explains that that is her home castle. Boss's voice comes from the pen once more, telling Minako that she carries the protection of Venus and was chosen by fate, born to fight in its name. Overwhelmed by all this information, Minako faints.

The next morning, she wakes up, wondering if all of it was a strange dream. She spots the love letter and remembers that she forgot to deliver it. As she approaches Higashi, however, she notices that his fans are still protectively gathered around him and are intimidated. Meanwhile, Higashi smirks about how he has enslaved all these girls. He receives a call on his cell phone from someone he calls Fluorite; the person addresses Higashi as Narcissus and orders him to get more brainwashed slaves so they can take over Japan. When Artemis overhears this, both he and Boss realize that Higashi is the enemy.

Hikaru, Minako's childhood friend, advises her that Higashi always eats lunch alone in the garden. Minako, now wearing a big red ribbon in her hair, heads off to find him and give him the letter. On her way there, Artemis stops her and warns her to stay away from Higashi, but Minako ignores him, thinking someone is still playing a trick on her.

As she approaches the garden, she sees Haneda talking to Higashi and overhears him compliment her on the red ribbon she always wears in her hair. Thinking that the two of them really are in a relationship, she turns away, disheartened.

Behind her back, Higashi uses his power to enslave Haneda. Hearing the scream, Minako turns back, alarmed to see Haneda being controlled. Higashi quickly spots Minako, turning on her as well.

Artemis throws the pen to Minako. She hears Boss's voice telling her to transform and defeat this enemy. Momentarily stunned, Higashi seizes the opportunity to attack her. Though weakened, she obeys Artemis' order and holds the pen, shouting the phrase Artemis tells her. After she transforms into Sailor V, Higashi orders his minions to attack her. Artemis tells her to use her compact to attack the enemy, as it will let her see his true form. Sailor V holds up the open compact and shout her attack, destroying Higashi and freeing his slaves while leaving them unconscious.

Back at Minako's house, Artemis looks sadly at Minako, who's head is currently buried into her pillow. He thinks that he was too forceful. Boss replies that Artemis will be her partner from now on; she is confused and needs him to show her the way. Artemis goes over to Minako and wakes her up by licking her cheek. He re-introduces himself, telling her to open the window and leave the compact in the light of the full moon so it can charge.

The next morning, Minako decides to leave the red ribbon in her hair. As she leaves for school, Artemis greets her, only to find out that she plans to find herself another cute guy. In fact, she's already fallen for a new idol. Artemis comments to himself that Sailor V's battle has only just begun.

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  • Chronologically, this chapter is the first in the Sailor Moon franchise.
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