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“Vol.10 - Sailor V in Trouble?!”





Vol.9 - Sailor V vs deVleene!


Vol.11 - Pet Chapter 1, Nyan-Nyan's Schemes!


People wonder who the masked man Phantom Ace is, meanwhile a new star, has arisen which makes Minako lazy in her Sailor V duties. Fande of the Dark Agency shows up and sets up a building called Heroine (Minako misreads it as heroin). Minako's friends go to get clothes and cosmetics but she is broke. On the second floor free gifts are being given out and the four women there are brainwashed by Fande. At an Ace Kaitou live shooting the Super Intendent and Minako meet unknownst to one another and then Minako transforms into Sailor V and meets Ace Kaitou but then the brainwashed women attack. Minako decides she dpesn't want to be Sailor V any more but the Super Intendent sees her run to hide beside a vending machine as Sailor V and then emerge as Minako. With her compact out of action Ace Kaitou saves the day. 


  • This act features the first appearance of Ace Kaitou.


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