Venus Star Power, Make Up

Vuināsu Sutā Pawā Meiku Appu

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Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Venus

Items used

Star Power Stick


Venus Planet Power, Make Up (manga)
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up (anime)

First Appearance

Act 17 (manga)
Episode 65 (original anime)

Venus Star Power, Make Up! is the second phrase used by Minako Aino which allowed her to transform into her third, strengthened evolution of her standard Sailor form as Sailor Venus.


Minako raises her pen in the air and transforms instantly into Sailor Venus.

First Anime Series

In the transformation sequence, Minako would hold up her hand as a stream of golden stars swirled around it, alighting on her fingernails and turning them orange. Her Star Power Stick appeared, spinning, and as she took a hold of it the Venus symbol inside the star began to spin. She then held up the stick, as long banners of golden stars emitted from it and swirled around her body, eventually forming a spiral. The stars sank into the ground, but then rushed upwards again, completely covering Minako's body. Sailor Venus then assumed her finishing pose.

Second Anime

Same as "Venus Power, Make Up!" except that she used a Star Power Stick. 


  • In the R season of the DiC English dub, this transformation featured footage from "Venus Power, Make Up".
  • When Mina transformed into Sailor Venus in episode 92 of the Cloverway English dub, she shouted, "Venus Crystal Power" instead of "Venus Star Power".



Venus Planet Power, Make Up - 90’s version

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