Venus Power, Make Up
Vīnasu Pawā Meiku Appu

Venus Power, Make Up!

Venus Power, Make-up!

Venus Power, Make-up!


Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Venus

Items used

Minako's Transformation Pen (manga)
Transformation Pen (anime)
Jewelry Star Bracelet (PGSM)


Venus Star Power, Make Up (manga and anime only)

First Appearance

Usagi is Confused! Is Tuxedo Mask Evil? (anime)
Act 10 - Moon (manga)
Act 8 - Minako, Sailor V (Crystal)

Venus Power, Make Up is the first transformation used by Minako Aino to turn into Sailor Venus with the help of her Transformation Pen in the Sailor Moon series. It debuted in episode 36 of the anime, Act 10 of the manga and Act 17 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Manga Series

In the manga, the phrase was used in Act 10 in order to transform and travel to the moon along with the other Senshi. The phrase was used for transformation in Act 11, but was used along with her pen from her Sailor V days. Minako held up her transformation pen in the air and in a instant she became Sailor Venus.

First Anime Series

First, Minako held up her Transformation Pen. Minako held the Pen in the air as long banners of golden stars emitted from it and swirled around her body, eventually forming a spiral. The stars sank into the ground, but then rushed upwards again, completely covering Minako's body. Sailor Venus turned, then assumed her finishing pose.

Venus Power Make Up

Venus Power Make Up

Second Anime Series

Minako holds up her pen against the planet Venus. As she does that she lets go of the pen and Minako holds up her hand and her fingernails turn gold which is similar to her Venus Star Power Make Up transformation in the original anime series. Minako's body turns a into dark blue silhouette colour against the gold background and she holds the pen up. Gold Ribbons swirl around her and her back is turned and she is already clothed in her Sailor Venus uniform. She turns around and the Venus symbol appears on her forehead. Her moon symbol/tiara forms and she assumes her finishing pose.

Venus Power, Make Up! (Crescent Mark)

Venus Power, Make Up! (Crescent Mark)

Venus Power, Make Up! (With Tiara)

Venus Power, Make Up! (With Tiara)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

As Minako called out the command, her Jewelry Star Bracelet changed from its smaller, sealed form into its full form, and the gems began to glow. She swept her hand past her ear as her nails turned orange which is similar to her Venus Star Power Make Up transformation in the original anime series and her leotard appeared. She leapt into the air and did several twirls and flips as golden ribbons swirled past, forming her skirt and collar. She landed lightly, striking a brief pose, then strutted forward, her bow, shoes, gloves and chain belt appearing as illusionary duplicates of herself appeared around her in various poses. Her tiara appeared and a breeze filled with glitter ruffled her hair, making it longer and lighter. A pair of silhouetted miniature rhythm gymnasts danced past, trailing glowing ribbons that turned her hair blonde and added her hair beads. The glowing figures appeared again, forming her red hair bow. Sailor Venus then finished in her final pose.

Venus Power Make Up - PGSM

Venus Power Make Up - PGSM


  • It is known as Venus Power in the DiC dub.


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