Venus Love-Me Chain
Vīnasu Rabu Mī Chēn


Venus love chain strike

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Venus Love-Me ChainV2


Venus love me chain md




Venus Love Me ChainAnimated


Sailor Venus


Chain/light-based attack

Items Used

Sailor Venus's Chain (manga and PGSM)


Venus Wink Chain Sword (manga)
Venus Love and Beauty Shock

First Appearance

Act 11 Reunion - Endymion (manga)
Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off (original anime)
Act 18 - At Last, All Five Sailor Senshi are Together (PGSM)
Act 11 Reunion - Endymion(Crystal)

Venus Love-Me Chain is an attack used by Sailor Venus in all versions of the franchise, although it is known by different names. In the DiC English dub it was called by two different names: When it was used to trap her enemies it was called Venus Love Chain Encircle, and when it was used as an offensive attack it was called Venus Love Chain Blast. When Cloverway took over, it was just called Venus Love Chain Encircle as both when she traps her enemies and as an offensive attack.

Original Anime

This attack was used by Sailor Venus for the second and third seasons. The chain's links are shaped like golden glowing hearts. It can be used like a rope to bind enemies and save her allies, even herself.

It was once used in the third movie in her Super Sailor form as Super Sailor Venus as well as early episodes of the fourth season.

Venus Love-Me Chain - 90’s First Anime

Venus Love-Me Chain - 90’s First Anime

Venus Love Me Chain SuperS Movie

Venus Love Me Chain SuperS Movie


In the manga, Sailor Venus would remove the chain from her waist and use it to attack her opponent.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, she can perform this attack with a different animation compared with the anime version but with the same orange and pink colours. Sailor Venus performed the attack the same way she did in the manga. Once removed, Sailor Venus' chain could extend to a very large size, and she used it as a whip to strike her enemies or to block attacks. In the Kirari Super Live, she attacked Zoisite and gold dust fell down upon her afterwards.

Venus Love Me Chain - PGSM

Venus Love Me Chain - PGSM


Sailor Venus first used this attack in Act 11 against a brainwashed Motoki Furuhata. She wrapped her chain around him, called out the attack name, and the chain shocked him with violently strong golden light. She has used this attack several times in the series. In Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 2) this attack was performed the same way as done in first anime against a cat Daimon.

Venus Love-Me Chain – Crystal S3 Act 28

Venus Love-Me Chain – Crystal S3 Act 28


This attack appeared for the first time in the very first musical, Sailor Moon -An Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story, where it was used against Kunzite.

Video Games

This attack appeared in several video games. This attack appeared in several video games. In Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R for the Super Famicom, as well as Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive, to perform this attack Sailor Venus spun around with her chain in her extended arm, hitting enemies with the chain along the way.


  • Venus Love-Me Chain was the only new power-up attack from Sailor Moon R that was used beyond Sailor Moon SuperS in the first anime.
  • This attack had many applications in addition to attacking enemies in the first anime:
    1. In episode 67, Sailor Venus used this technique to grab a boulder in order to slow down the flow of an active volcano.
    2. Sailor Venus used her chain to knock a space-time bomb out of Koan’s hands in episode 70. She also disarmed Petz in episode 72.
    3. In episode 113, Sailor Venus used this attack to grab U-Henshū’s arm to prevent her from attacking Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus.
    4. It was used to grab Chibiusa and Hotaru while they were falling from a cliff in episode 118. She also saved herself and Sailor Pluto from falling into an abyss by securing her chain onto a cliff in episode 171.
    5. Sailor Venus attempted to bind ManeMane Musume with her chain in episode 152.
  • The attack appeared briefly in the first opening of Sailor Moon S.
  • In the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, the animation of this attack has been retraced from the original 90’s animation.


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