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Veena is an angel-like Youma who was the fourth of the Seven Great Youma.

Nomenclature and Etymology

The name Veena comes from the Divine Feminine aspect of the Kabbalah and is represented by the archangel, Zaphkiel a.k.a. Binah, hence the youma's angelic appearance.



Veena was reincarnated as Yumemi Yumeno. She was released after Zoisite removed the Green Rainbow Crystal from her body.

Zoisite and Veena were immediately confronted by Sailor Moon, who had already contacted the other Sailor Senshi to let them know what was happening. Veena quickly tossed a feather into the air, which sketched the outline of a boulder above Sailor Moon. Shockingly, the boulder became real and dropped on Sailor Moon who narrowly dodges the attack. Veena continued this same ploy with larger and large boulders. Just as the largest one was about to crush Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask leaped in to rescue her by carrying her to safety. Zoisite fled the scene, but Tuxedo Mask quickly chased after him.

Veena approached Sailor Moon again, who begged Yumemi to remember her kind heart. Veena ignored her and attacked with ropes which turned into snakes mid-air. Luckily, the Sailor Guardians appeared, and Sailor Mars was able to destroy the snakes with her Fire Soul attack. Veena then used feathers once again to create large boulders in the air which came crashing down towards the Sailor Guardian, but Sailor Mercury was able to temporarily obstruct the youma's vision with her Bubble Spray attack.

Sailor Moon begged everyone to go easy on Veena because Yumemi was a good person. She then ran off to help Tuxedo Mask. When she returned, the Sailor Guardians had been attacking Veena for quite some time, and Sailor Jupiter was even able to rip her wings to shreds using her Supreme Thunder attack. By this time, Veena was substantially weakened, and Sailor Moon used the opportunity to heal her with Moon Healing Escalation, causing Veena to transform back into Yumemi.



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