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Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action


Megumi Ogata (original anime)
Maria Vacratsis (English dub)

Vampir is the first Cardian who works for Ail and An. Her attacks are plant based and she resembles a vampire. She appears in episode 47 of the Sailor Moon anime, and her objective is to gather energy for the Makaiju. Luna and Artemis attempted to stop Vampir themselves rather than revive the Sailor Senshi but she was too powerful
Cardian v

Vampir's Cardian

for them to stop as she was draining Naru's energy. Usagi came over at that time and Luna had no choice but to restore her memories of being Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's energy was nearly drained by Vampir but Luna stopped her by biting her arm, giving Sailor Moon the opportunity she needed to destroy Vampir with Moon Tiara Action.


  • Vampir's name is derived from the word "vampire".
  • She is only capable of repeating her name, or short forms of it, in the original anime but in the English dub she is able to speak.
  • In the original Japanese anime, she was voiced by Megumi Ogata. In the English dub, she was voiced by Maria Vacratsis.
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