aka Sioraf as Na Cillini

  • I live in The terrible town of Macroom in the nice enough county of Cork, Ireland
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is None yet
  • I am Male body but with an intersex or perhaps neutrois mind. It's hard to explain; see my blog post (on the Sailor Moon wiki) I Don't Like How I Am if you want to know the details
  • Sioraf.killeens

    One night me and the Momma were going to the cinema. We stopped at a garage shop on the way. As I was coming out a car came along and almost killed me. I decided I would try leaving again but this time I would watch my righthand side so I cocked my head in that direction. When I turned my head back to the middle I got a fright as all of a sudden there was this teenage girl there. I got into the car and Mom was laughing like mad. I asked why she was laughing and as it turns out while my head was looking to my rightside this girl had come in on my left side and walked into my hand so then it was on the 3rd worst place possible and I had no idea as I was too busy watching the righthand side. I'm not even into cleavage...

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    Art Imitating Life?

    February 6, 2014 by Sioraf.killeens

    This isn't funny in of itself but if you're a fan of Baka Test To Shoukanju then it is. I am a male who keeps his red hair long as men's hair goes and during my teenage years my hormones were way out of control and everyone I've fallen in love with was during those years, some for no apparent reason and the rest on aesthetical grounds in other words because of how they looked. All of them were female but in one boy there was a close call. For about a month I wondered if I was in love with him; he was the girliest looking person in the class by far being unshaven and having the longest hair and a face that was cute by anyone's standards and is about the only person I've seen in my life who had eyes that were blue and green at the same time,…

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    Sailor Moon: Nah, I'll let you off.

    Tuxedo Mask: Fear not maidens, I shall come to your aid, right after my hip replacement.

    Chibiusa: What's going on? What's the point of anything? Why am I here?

    Hotaru: I'm going to ask the west for a loan so my character can become more developed.

    Professor Tomoe: We call this Soren Kierkegaard Syndrome; you're going to be sick until death.

    Tuxedo Mask: Well I would help but it's Christmas time so all the Roses are sold out.

    Any Villain: Maybe if we attacked South Africa instead of Tokyo the Sailors wouldn't find us so quickly.

    Any Villain: Well sending 1 or 2 of us at a time isn't working, let's try 4.

    Note: The following ones are not necessarily in the best possible taste or for the faint hearted or under 12'…

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