aka Sioraf as Na Cillini

  • I live in The terrible town of Macroom in the nice enough county of Cork, Ireland
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is None yet
  • I am Male body but with an intersex or perhaps neutrois mind. It's hard to explain; see my blog post (on the Sailor Moon wiki) I Don't Like How I Am if you want to know the details
  • Sioraf.killeens

    Inspired by those Treehouse of Horror episodes from The Simpsons.

    Me: Slaughteraf as Na Killeeny

    Elle: 2D Wholesaleslaughterland

    Liz: AnnhilationOtaku13

    Len: Slaughter and danger signs

    Quasi: Qreepy Quasimodo Bonebreaker

    Imaginationgirl: Annihilationgirl

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    An Idea I Had

    August 25, 2014 by Sioraf.killeens

    Lately I've had some bad ideas like a dating simulator where you date me (how unrealistic and probably extremely boring) but I think I may be onto a winner with this one; on days where people would be reminded of a bad experience they had because the day itself is similar like same weather or day of the week their boyfriend or whatever could have something nice planned for them like sweets or something. Like if a Sunday would remind them of a bad experience then every Sunday their boyfriend or whatever would get them their favourite sweets or whatever.

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    Cute/Hot Rankings

    August 21, 2014 by Sioraf.killeens


    Gold Medal: Adormi, naturlich.

    Silver medal: Hotaru

    Bronze Medal: Minako


    Gold Medal: Setsuna

    Silver Medal: Minako

    Bronze Medal: Rei

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  • Sioraf.killeens


    August 12, 2014 by Sioraf.killeens

    I don't know if this is a good idea or not but as an ex Eurovision fan I was wondering about having like a song contest of our own around here where obviously you can't vote for your own entry but the points would go up by 1 like last place from a voter would get 1 point and if there were 6 entries being voted on the voter's favourite entry would get 6 points.

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    People complain about Haig's tactics at the Somme but it was actually the least bad place for the British to fight. Another thing, if they ran at the German trenches (uphill, carrying full gear) the attack would lose its momentum very soon and when an attack loses momentum it grinds to a halt eventually. If they crawled the attack would have had no momentum at all. In both cases the British would have done even worse than they did on the first day historically. By the way Commander The Great War is one of the hardest games I have ever played.

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