Sioraf.killeens Sioraf.killeens 19 October 2014

Sioraf's Happenings Lately

Now we've talked about our ancestries. I feel happier after it, although I think people are essentially the same the world over and I don't really identify with other Irish people it's comforting that Len and Liz have some Irish blood. I find it cool that Len is a Latina as well, there are virtually none in Ireland you see. Apparently there are hundreds of Japanese but I've never seen any here though I did see a bunch near some Japan related building in Paris when I was on holiday there. Liz is partly Welsh which is funny because Wales is where I've gone on holiday to the most, the only foreign country I've been to more than once.

I keep thinking I nearly have a sixpack but now I think it has finally almost happened and that the reward for …

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Sioraf.killeens Sioraf.killeens 30 September 2014

Let's Make A Song With Extremely Unimaginative Lyrics

I'll start us off.

It was morning and I went downstairs

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Sioraf.killeens Sioraf.killeens 29 September 2014


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Sioraf.killeens Sioraf.killeens 21 September 2014

Pets And Sisters

I don't have, and have never had, any pets or sisters so tell me, what's it like having a pet and/or a sister(s)?

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Sioraf.killeens Sioraf.killeens 19 September 2014

AOYM Threads Facts And Trivia Project

There are more important things to do on this wiki but I'm not sure what to do about them. In any case here is a post about the highlight of the wiki; the Anything On Your Mind threads, the idea of which came from StarsandPeacesigns' time on the Vocaloid wiki. 

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