• Sayonora921

    Hey guys

    September 4, 2018 by Sayonora921

    Hey guys. 2 days ago I finished the 90's anime. I can help out with any questions regarding to that.

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  • Sayonora921


    Make sure you vote for June's featured character! They are only up for a limited time

    P.S- To get to the voting page, click Read More then click vote.


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  • Sayonora921

    Hey People!

    I wanna see everyone's fave characters in Sailor Moon!

    Tell me in the comments, make sure you specify which category of character you're talking about!

    1. Fave Senshi

    2. Fave Villan/Youma (if any)

    3. Fave Character that appears only in Season 1

    4. Fave Character that appears only in Sailor Moon R

    3. Fave Character that appears only in Sailor Moon S

    And I am not gonna go past S because I haven't even actually finished Sailor Moon S yet.

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  • Sayonora921

    Best Thing Ever

    May 14, 2018 by Sayonora921

    This show has got me interested in new things

    Sailor Moon is litteraly the best thing ever!

    I am currently on Sailor Moon S.

    I am obsessed with this anime its my first anime and I might even watch crystal just to keep watching it when i finish!

    Hope you people give Sailor Moon a 10/10

    Have a nice day people



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