And even though I really don't have jurisdiction on this site, I noticed many of the articles are, well . . . under-informing. There's a stunning lack of information, I guess is what I mean to say.

Before anyone says "Well if you think it's such a problem, then you fix it!", don't think that I haven't thought about it. Since I'm not a mod for this wiki, I'm not sure how radically I can edit articles. Then again, there's not much information out there, unless you pertain everything to the anime and manga - and let's face it, both of them are long; about 60 chapters and 200 episodes? That's some serious dedication.

I'm not adverse to editing the articles, of course, I'd like to do whatever I can. I think there just needs to be a bit of a community pull to get this wiki fully-informational. I think it'd be nice.

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