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    The Problem With Bashing

    February 13, 2015 by Sailor-Clown

    EDIT - Well, the bashing was punished the hard way--- The admins have officially closed the comments.

    I've been needing to address this for some time. Sure, I'm not an admin, but that's not gonna stop me at all.

    So, I look at comments, and I notice the bashing (people horribly bash the English Dub, Crystal) and most of it is repetitive.

    I'm just wanting for people to stop, because it's getting very annoying. I don't like people going all like,

    "Wow, this was awful. This doesn't deserve to exist, and neither does it deserve stuff."

    The bashing I'm mostly referring to is in "Sailor Moon Crystal".

    I see bashing in almost every comment section of Sailor Moon Crystal, and it's very annoying. Crystal doesn't deserve almost every page being shown with …

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  • Sailor-Clown

    I've been noticing people say that I'm spamming because of how annoyed I get at times in the comments... and I'm here to say right now that I am completely sorry.

    I understand what I have done wrong, and I won't do it again.

    I get annoyed and stressed/angry easily, and I calm down after a while.

    I'm noticing on talk pages of admins that people are annoyed by me. And that humiliates and saddens me that I'm causing that problem...

    I'm sorry for my complaints, I didn't mean for this spam to happen. I didn't know I was spamming until now, and I hope you guys forgive me and stop talking about it, and we can all be friends.

    I hope you all can forgive me for the mistake, I didn't mean it, and I won't do it again. If I do these things again, I'm gonna s…

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  • Sailor-Clown


    January 8, 2015 by Sailor-Clown

    Hi, guys.

    I just want to do a little Q and A.

    So, here's some questions:

    1: Who's your fave senshi?

    2: Who's your least fave?

    3: What else do you like?

    4: Favorite TV Show and fave food? I wuv Casadias :3

    5: If you could do anything, what would you do?

    Just something to let me get to know people, also I accidentally made this blog post... I didn't know what I clicked on until I published it. Lol

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