Well, being purist to dubs I had to wait until the English dub to really review it. Of course at this time we're at Episode 19, the episode before Esmeraude dies.

The good

First, I like its fast pace. Though it was kinda fun to have Monsters of the Week following an evil commander and being disintegrated at the end of each episode, it was a little repetitive and seemed slower when the focus wasn't on the battles. Here there's only a few Monsters of the Week (Morga, Garoben, Soul Shadow, Chiral and Achiral (formerly Doom and Gloom),  In the original anime it took 40 episodes to defeat Queen Beryl and the Negaforce, here it only took 14 to defeat Queen Metalia.

On that note, they gave Metalia a bigger role than her original anime counterpart, the Negaforce. I loved the finale but it did seem kinda rushed that they had Beryl and the Negaforce fuse together to fight the final battle as one, we hardly even saw the Negaforce's true form except in flashback. In Crystal, Metalia awakens and fights separately from Beryl, outliving her by two episodes, and she is quite dark and menacing.

Next, that we see the enemy commanders together. In the original anime, we only see two shots of Jedite, Neflite, Zoycite, and Malachite together during a flashback of the attack on the Negaverse. Everywhere else Jedite is never seen in the same scene as the others, and Neflite and Malachite are never seen together. Here we see Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite all at once. Also in the original anime we never saw Rubeus and Sapphire in the same scene, but we do here (Saphir).

I also like that there isn't any... inappropriate content in Crystal. Many modern day animes feel they need to be perverted in order to appease the older audiences (indeed, there was quite a bit of mature content in the Japanese version of Sailor Moon which I'm sure was uncensored in the redub), but here it's pretty tame in that area. (and before you ask, no I wasn't referring to the gay characters, I don't mind that)

But I also love that they say hell and damn in there quite a bit.

And, in another departure from modern day animes, Sailor Moon Crystal is just as willing to kill the major villains as the original anime (maybe even more so given that the Specter Sisters got Death By Adaptation). I heard most animes frown on the killing of major characters these days (like Fairy Tail) but here we have an anime that isn't afraid to dispose of its villains the way older animes like Digimon, Dragonball Z, and, again, Sailor Moon did.

On that note, I've seen the Japanese death of Wiseman and it was quite spectacular. I can't wait for that episode to get dubbed

And, as one who loves cats and kittens, that adorable kitten Diana comes in way earlier even by the Crystal ratio.

Voice review, part 1: For a male Zoisite (because I first knew the female Zoycite) he had a really cool voice and so did Nephrite. Jadeite was pretty good too, and Queen Metalia sounded pretty similar to the Negaforce, so awesome. Rubeus, Saphir, and Demande sound kinda similar as well, and of course the Sailor Guardians' voices are all right. (btw in the dub it's Sailor Guardians here, in Japanese it's Sailor Senshi and in the original dub it's Sailor Scouts)

The bad

First, and this is more a matter of personal opinion but of course having seen the original Sailor Moon as my first anime I'm used to the names Serena, Amy, Raye (though at least Rei is pronounced the same), Lita, Mina, Darien, Malachite, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, etc. I suppose I can get used to their new names though and I actually like the name Metalia better than Negaforce.

Second, hiatus. This isn't really part of the show itself but it takes several weeks for each Japanese episode to come out, and of course the episodes can't get dubbed in English until their Japanese versions are out first meaning it'll take even longer for the English episodes. Which means I'll have to wait long to see the Sailor Moon S arc (Infinity arc, as I heard it's called) with the Witches 5 and how Pharaoh 90 will be handled, and even longer to see the Super S arc (whatever it's called) and whether they'll actually have Queen Nehelenia end up like Beryl, Metalia, and Wiseman rather than having her willingly imprison herself in a mirror for eternal youth.

Third, the disintegrations seem a little underwhelming compared to the original Sailor Moon. Like, for Berthier, Calaveras, and Petz (I think), all we see is their shadow against Sailor Moon's finishing move, then a flash of light, then they're gone. Koan on the other hand had that disintegration effect I've always wanted to see applied to the actual death of a villain (seeing as how it was used for Midnight Sparkle's defeat in MLP, but wasn't her death, as it shouldn't have been either because she was a good character corrupted, and also Nesbitt's defeat in Yu-Gi-Oh, which again wasn't his death), and as mentioned above, Wiseman's death will be spectacular, but I've seen the Japanese version of Esmeraude, Rubeus, Saphir, and Demande and they didn't really show the disintegrations as I'd have preferred either (just shows them getting blasted, we don't see them inside the blast, and when it's gone, so are they)

In the original we saw Emerald disintegrate into dust (though the same as the other droids), and in S, the deaths of Telulu, Cyprin, Petirol, Germatoid, and Mistress 9 were quite spectacular. though it is true that for Rubeus we just see his ship explode while we know he's inside, and Sapphire and Diamond had bodies left intact on death but both had reformed so their deaths were obviously tragic. But compare all the "blasted to oblivion" deaths in Crystal to Queen Beryl and the Negaforce at the end of the original anime, or all the Negamonsters (youma) and droids. (Remless are in their own category as the "shattered to pieces" type)

Voice review, part 2: While I liked Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoisite's voices, I didn't like Kunzite's as much as Malachite's in the original anime. (in case you didn't know, Kunzite was called Malachite in the original dub and was voiced by Denis Akiyama, who ironically is Japanese). Also, while Wiseman's voice is an improvement over his goofy Japanese voice, he still sounded underwhelming in comparison to his Tony Daniels voices in the original dub. (As a dark, shadowy hooded figure he should have a deep, creepy, or menacing voice, like a voice of the legion or something like Bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh)

The ugly

This is for differences from the original anime that I neither liked better nor disliked more, but are simply neutral diffrerences

It was kind of a twist to have Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite as good guys who were brainwashed by Queen Beryl, and who were in love with the other Sailor Guardians, and Metalia kills them all at once instead of being killed separately in different episodes (in the original, they all started out evil and only Neflite reformed). On the opposite side, Koan, Berthier, Petz, and Calaveras stayed evil and died, where they survived and reformed in the original.

Also, as I mentioned having seen these deaths already, it is a different take on the story that Esmeraude dies before Rubeus, Rubeus is suspicious of Wiseman and gets killed by him instead of Saphir, Saphir is killed by his brother Demande (as opposed to Wiseman killing Sapphire against Diamond's orders and Diamond raging at him for it). From what I read it doesn't sound like Demande reforms (correct me if I'm wrong there) before Wiseman kills him, as in his final episode he tries to destroy the world and the only reason he stops Wiseman from killing the Sailor Guardians is because he wants to defeat them himself.

Voice review, part 3: Anyone who has heard Queen Beryl and Luna in the original dub will notice a huge change in their more straightforward voices in Crystal. This takes some getting used to. Also, Esmeraude sounds noticeably different than Emerald, but not for better or worse IMO.

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