As if you haven't seen to-do lists already...

I realized this site really does need much more work. It might look great and everything, but really thinking about it...

  1. We need to complete all the character pages, as well as Anime, PGSM, and Sera Myu
  2. We need to finish voice actresses/actors
  3. We need to finish the episodes
  4. We need to finish the merchandise
  5. We need to get ready for the new anime so we can include that on here
  6. We need to find more active users who we can trust
  7. We need to finish the songs
  8. We need to keep up with the SM news
  9. We need to make sure each page has the template(s) it should have
  10. We need to make sure the video game pages are complete
  11. We need to do templates
  12. We need to fix articles that have been copied from other wikis, like WikiMoon
  13. We need to take care of the little tab for the anime Sailor Senshi on the front page
  14. Categorizing
  15. Clean, Clean, Clean

That is a lot, but we should probably work together and all help each part of the wiki. We also should help the other Sailor Moon Wikis in other languages, such as the French one. I'm sure for a while, we will not be able to complete the tasks, but it's good to keep these things in mind.


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