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The wait for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is taking its toll, but how about taking a break by helping us to make a Sailor Moon personality quiz? To celebrate the upcoming premiere of the reboot and to keep us entertained while we wait for Usagi Tsukino and her friends to make their comeback, we are going to make a personality quiz and you can find out who from the Inner Sailors you would be!

To help out, submit a question that you think belongs on a personality quiz! We want the final results to be Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mars/Rei Hino, Sailor Venus/Minako Aino, or Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino so your question needs to be fairly vague to keep the mystery of the final result alive! When you submit your question, please include the result for each answer option. For example,

Which of these foods is your favorite?
a) Cake - Usagi
b) Thai food - Rei
c) Curry rice - Minako
d) Sandwiches - Ami
e) Cherry pie - Makoto

To qualify to have your question and answer be featured in the quiz, please make sure you format it like the question above including the question, the answers, and the character each answer pertains too. We will be accepting possible questions until the morning of June 11th so let's go, Moonatics!

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