EDIT - Well, the bashing was punished the hard way--- The admins have officially closed the comments.

I've been needing to address this for some time. Sure, I'm not an admin, but that's not gonna stop me at all.

So, I look at comments, and I notice the bashing (people horribly bash the English Dub, Crystal) and most of it is repetitive.

I'm just wanting for people to stop, because it's getting very annoying. I don't like people going all like,

"Wow, this was awful. This doesn't deserve to exist, and neither does it deserve stuff."

The bashing I'm mostly referring to is in "Sailor Moon Crystal".

I see bashing in almost every comment section of Sailor Moon Crystal, and it's very annoying. Crystal doesn't deserve almost every page being shown with "I'm done with Crystal. It stinks, and I hope it ends"

I'm sorry if this offends anyone who has bashed on it, but you can bash on it anywhere else, like on DeviantArt or just a simple little blog post for people who agree. Not everywhere in the comments.

The pages are made for people who want to express their joy about it, or just calmly say "I don't like it, but it's just my opinion". Please don't repeatedly tell that something's awful in EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT!!! Also, don't act like it's the worst thing ever.

You are unknowingly hurting a fans' feelings, maybe make some of them leave our wiki, and you're gonna cause a flame war. Please don't comment like this.

If you wish to help tell anyone who is doing this to stop, then please comment about it. Don't get too mad, please.

If you have ranted too many times once, and someone has asked for you to stop, take immediate action to stop, and if you feel very bad, then don't be afraid to apologize. We can forgive you, since we're not mad at all. Unfortunately, if your rants keep continuing, users will start to no longer trust you.

That goes for all the wikis in Wikia. If you see it in a Wikia, take the actions to ask them to stop.

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