I'm Len! I'm one of the admins here. I used to do tons of editing and work on here before I decided to stop using the wiki for personal reasons. I will show up from time to time though.



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Here are some random facts about me:

  • Since everyone has been sharing how they got into Sailor Moon, I will share my story. In 2010, I started to watch videos on YouTube. One time, I watched a couple of videos featuring attacks and transformation scenes from the anime. I thought that the girls looked cute and the attacks and transformations were cool. I also thought that it was cool the girls were named after planets. I loved learning about the Solar System growing up so I think that I would have gotten into Sailor Moon sooner or later. In December 2010, I watched the first episode of the DiC English dub. At that time, I also learned a bit about the original version and I stuck with the English dub mainly because, and I am not joking here, I thought that Usagi was a stupid name. I grew used to it later though. However, as 2011 came, I got more into VOCALOID than I did Sailor Moon...that is, until Christmas. That year, my mom got me volume 1 of the Kondansha translation. So I read it and thought OMG THIS IS SO COOL AND CUTE I NEED MOAR. Pretty soon, I started to fall completely in love with the series and well, here I am.
  • Also, I started to like Sailor Venus back when I first watched the DiC English opening. I thought that she was very pretty and back then, I honestly didn't know that she and Sailor V were the same person since well...I was a preteen at the time and I wasn't all that bright ok. But yeah, she's now my favorite not just for her looks, but her quirks, talents and...well, ok I like everything about her. I love how she is dedicated to her job and I love how funny she is and how much ambition she has too.
  • tl;dr: I liked Sailor Venus even before I heard her speak her first line in the DiC English dub and Sailor Moon was probably the first manga I read too.
  • I like to sing alot and I try to sing songs in different languages for fun (including Selena songs).
  • I like to draw.
  • I am double jointed in my left arm.
  • I love steak, pizza, cheeseburgers, and french fries.
  • Cherries are my favorite fruit.
  • I like trying new things.
  • My special hobbies are fawning over fictional characters and hunting for sweets.
  • I like Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Homestuck, Free!, Yu Yu HakushoKill la Kill, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Revolutionary Girl Utena, WataMote, Attack on Titan, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Yu-Gi-Oh, Invader ZIM, and alot of other stuff that would take too long to mention.
  • I also have a soft spot for cheesy sitcoms from the 80's and 90's. Such sitcoms include Full House, The Nanny, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • I like making stories and OCs.
  • My favorite anime character probably has to be Joseph Joestar. I even have a picture of him as my icon!
  • My favorite Sailor Senshi is Sailor Venus.
  • Other favorite characters of mine include Leorio Paradinight, Killua Zoldyck, Levi Ackerman, Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Caesar Zeppeli, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Rei Ryugazaki, Yusuke Urameshi, Roxy Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope, and many more!
  • I am also a shipper and I have plenty of ships that I ship. Most of them are guy/guy though. Basically, I'm fujoshi trash.
  • I like cherries, Dr Pepper, and Cherry Dr Pepper. I hate Coca-Cola but I like Cherry Cola.
  • I like 80's and 90's music.
  • I like playing video games sometimes.
  • I want to learn French and Japanese someday.
  • My favorite colors are red, aqua, white, blue, light yellow, and orange.
  • I don't really like reading creepypastas. I have read and liked a couple, but most of the time, I just get really scared of them.
  • I have/had crushes on...oh my, if I listed all of them, then I will be here all day.
  • Also, I fangirl alot. I try to be serious at times but still.
  • I can get very competitive at times and I can get jealous very easily. Those are some of the traits that I have that make me dislike myself at times. But hey, I am a Leo. Also, I kind of like attention. Basically, I'm like an little autistic kitten. Speaking of autism...
  • I have Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. Go figure.
  • I am very shy in public.
  • I am bisexual but I am currently happy with being single.
  • I like to listen to Eurovision songs sometimes.
  • My signature references Joseph Joestar's infamous "Next, you going to say..." line/trick.
  • Len is not my real name, but it does come from it.
  • And I like Stars and Peace Signs (If that wasn't completely obvious...).



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(T ^ T)
(´Д` )
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
( =①ω①=)
Yeah. Nothing to see here.


Sailor Senshi
Sailor Venus
Inner Sailor Senshi
Sailor Venus
Outer Sailor Senshi
Sailor Saturn
Favorite attack
Death Reborn Revolution
Favorite transformation trinket
Cosmic Heart Compact
Favorite transformation phrase
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Favorite weapon
Silence Glaive
Favorite Sailor V manga chapter
Vol.14 - The Man Who Bet on the Headband Stone
Favorite Sailor Moon manga chapter
Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter
Favorite arc
The Infinity/Mugen arc
Favorite image song
Kissing in the Starlight
Favorite song from the English dubs
She's Got The Power or I Want Someone to Love
Favorite song from the Italian dub
Sailor Moon e il Cristallo del Cuore
Favorite song from the German dub
Unser Star



Revise some pages.
Alter some pages that copies off of pages from Wikimoon and Wikipedia.
Make some more templates.


Watch some of the Sailor Moon musicals. I mainly plan on watching the first one.
Sit down and watch some of the first Sailor Moon anime.
Read all of Diamond is Unbreakable by the end of summer.
Catch up to My Love Story!!


A gallery of some of the pictures I like on the wiki, along with some that I uploaded:



A list of videos I enjoy. Remember, these are vids about Sailor Moon and all so yeah:


Oh, and for those of you who actually READ all of this, here, take Venus as a reward

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