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About me

My name is Ricardo and I love the Sailor Moon series and I am a die hard Season 1, R, S, SuperS, Sailor Stars fan I have seen every Ep. from Season 1 and I have seen every Ep. from R and I have seen every Ep. from S and I have Seen Every Ep. Form SuperS and I Have Seen Every Ep. from Sailor Stars every Ep. from Crystal. Oh and one more thing if you have a problem with me then that is your fault I am not here to win a popularity contest I am here to help on this Wiki and I am a good person till you make me mad. I own 4 1/2 seasons of SM on DVD and I also own all 3 movies on VHS and on DVD, I also owned All Manga Volumes of Both CSV and PGSM. I liked this wiki better before, now it is becoming like ground zero for stupid edits from users who are trouble.

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