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  • I live in Europe
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is None yet
  • I am Male

Cead Mile Failte

Funny Pictures Slideshow

  • From episode 8 of the first season.Go to
  • You've gone too far, Elle. You've gone too far.jpg Moustache added by Elle.Go to
  • Tumblr maxwrrsEYU1rf6rcmo1 1280.png From one of the musicals.Go to
  • Like a sir.jpg Moustache added by Elle.
  • From the movie Princess Kaguya's Lovers or perhaps a very early episode of the first season.
  • Ijusthadto.jpg Captioned by Elle.
  • It looks like Adormi is doing Irish dancing. In fact, it's her Air Throw from the Sailor Moon S videogame.
  • I think this is them either dreading the results of a test in a later episode of the first series or thinking about going to see a Three Lights concert in Sailor Stars.
  • Usagi Rei Kimono.png From the 4th episode of Sailor Moon S.Go to's_Idol!_The_Graceful_Genius_Michiru
  • Saito Sugao Kisses Luna.png From episode 39 of PGSM.
  • You just can't quit being Jadeite!.jpg Elle strikes again.Go to!.jpg
  • Melvin Gurio.jpg An error in the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game. I love his quote though.
  • From the episode where Adormi first appeared.Go to
  • Look at Minako's face.Go to
  • 100 1510.jpg Go to Art by Elle inspired by a scenario I imagined.
  • At Dawn, they RIDE.JPG A reference to my catchphrase, a game we're working on and Lord Of The Rings. This one is by StarsandPeacesigns.Go to
  • And now, a word from our sponsors.jpg Elle's OCs Kleinod and his boyfriend Weltraum with their enemy Foppen in the background.Go to From the thread where we're making the RPG.

Us As Sailors By Elle Slideshow

  • Sailor Sioraf.jpg This is me with Ami. I do leave my hair that long as it looks much better.
  • Sailor Elle.jpg Elle as Zoisite. The only crossdressing picture of the bunch. Make of that what you will...
  • Sailor Liz.jpg Liz as Sailor Jupiter. Hadrosaurus is the state dinosaur of New Jersey.
  • Sailor Len.jpg Len as Sailor Venus.
  • Scan0002.png Elle drew Len. If you look closely I'm in the background as Tuxedo Mask.

Favourite Characters (Ami and Mamoru)

  • Ami: So cute (I love her eye colour and pose), so smart, so friendly (the most important thing in how I view a person). The character I'm most like though I've got no friends as opposed to a load and I was only ever 2nd in my class. Ami is my girl next door in this franchise and there's no girl I'd rather live next door to. Hmm, I'm over a foot taller than she is, I ain't Sioraf for nothing.
  • Mamoru: Mamoru is the sort of man I aspire to be, my idea of the ideal man. He's not a misogynist and he isn't a doormat either. The radiant glow of this hero's noble actions eggs me on to continue my own attempt to make the world a better place, no more as Don Quixote but as a slayer of the vile evils which befall this harsh planet. (Obvious hero worship and verbosity is evident in this post of mine, what can I say, it's me.)

My (First Anime) Sailor Rankings






Star Maker



Star Healer

Star Fighter



Chibi Moon

Ranking of SM seasons

Season 1 Sailor Moon S Sailor Moon R Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Sailor Moon SuperS 

About Me

The Past

Sioraf is Irish for giraffe (it rhymes with giraffe too) as means from and Na Cillini is the Irish for a townland near where I lived before being dragged to the other side of the county.

While they were in New York in November of 1991 my Dad raped my Mom who had already been raped as a child by her own family. I was the product of this and so I wasn't treated all that well and at the age of 7 with Dad unable to get along with his mother we moved and since we were leaving the countryside near Cork City (I was born in the city and initially raised in the countryside) I cried on the day and I was dead right to. The first year or 2 was fine but then we moved to Macroom, this rundown town in the other side of the county where I went to an all boys' primary school which was downhill and far smaller and spartan than what it is now. In 2004 at the age of 12 in 6th class I discovered that it was being kept secret from me that I was being tested for asperger's syndrome and so I was traumatised and stopped loving and trusting my parents and I still don't love or trust them today, especially after overhearing (in 2013) that my father had raped Mom and she says that he abused her psychologically too. I became even more withdrawn, left school (I was also being bullied) and would hardly leave my room, I just hung around there reading The World At Arms and I had lost my religion. I regained it one day when all of a sudden the sun came out (literally) and I inexplicably felt much better, this was the beginning of my recovery. I regained my religion and went to secondary school after all. I left in 5th year due to a combination of a fear of crowds, my books constantly disappearing mysteriously (the middle brother has told me that it's common for the boys to hide other boys' books), nasty teachers (yet again), trouble at home (my parents' marriage was collapsing after the youngest brother got diabetes) and having realised that the teacher that was hanging around with me all of the time was a special needs assistant. In 2005 we got broadband and so I spend almost all of my time on the internet. At first I thought it was great; watch videos on YouTube and look stuff up on Wikipedia. I realised soon though that most people on the internet absolutely hate religion. I left a number of sites but stayed on the internet and having found out that Haruka and Michiru's relationship was covered up I decided that I wasn't going to watch Sailor Moon again since I'm against both censorship and homosexuality (these days I don't think major issue with anything apart from the sex however). I did give Sailor Moon another go in 2013 however and so I joined this wiki in September 2013. I began editing in earnest in January of 2014. The early 2010's were horrible as I felt sorry for people given the recession and Mom fell to pieces having separated from Dad and she became even more foul tempered than usual. Life is still very hard for me but...

The Present

I like to hang around with ElleLenLiz (I think of them as my sisters) and Imaginationgirl, they're nice after all but I can't allow myself to get too attached to them as I've lost every friend I've ever had and I don't want to go through that pain again. The people on this wiki have been through an awful lot. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we need it. 


  • I don't drink water as it upsets my stomach.
  • I have coeliac disease and SAD and asperger's syndrome and clinical (manic) depression. I'm also paranoid and have a fear of crowds plus social anxiety (but only 4/9 of how bad it used to be) and I think I have another mental illness as well but I'm not sure what it is. Yeah, I know I'm a mess.
  • I also have clinical depression but since I don't trust psychologists due to them colluding in keeping it a secret that I was being tested for mental illness I don't trust them and my idiot mother has ruled out antidepressants. Worse yet I have SAD. I'm convinced I have another mental illness as well but I have no idea what it is.
  • While born and raised in Ireland to Irish parents I was conceived in New York (they had emigrated there in the 80's).
  • In both primary and secondary school I was academically always 2nd in the class.
  • My favourite song is Chase The Thrill by my favourite singer TM Revolution.
  • My favourite colour is dark purple.
  • I have never been in love and it very much looks like I never will be.
  • Being born in 1992 I was possibly the very first person on this wiki to see Sailor Moon and at last count I'm the 2nd oldest on the wiki. 
  • In my teenage years I stopped shaving my beard to look older. Now I don't shave it because it just grows back too quickly anyway. I have my hairdresser do it.
  • In spite of being a coward I tried to join the military. I was too young and then there was a recruiting freeze so I've been unemployed my entire adult life so far.
  • I hate Winter and Summer. Winter because it's cold and dark (I do have SAD) and Summer because for the last 3 or 4 years Summer has been bad for me.
  • I like to rub my hair because it's soft or thick or something. Yeah I know I'm weird.
  • I have orange hair usually down to my eyebrows and dark blue eyes and pale skin and I'm very tall. What are the odds? 
  • I like to work out and at this point I've gotten rather muscular. 
  • I like black humour (jokes about depressing stuff). 
  • Most people won't admit that they're wrong as their egos can't take it but I like it when I'm wrong because when I'm right it's usually bad news.
  • I have the same birthday as Kai Taschner.
  • I'm left footed and ambidexterous.
  • In the early 2010's my hair would be lighter or darker depending on whether I was happy or angry/sad. I have no idea how that worked apart from my brain subsconsciously putting lighter and better together as I have SAD and prefer light hair.
  • Although I'm certainly not a masochist in general I do have a masochistic liking for coldness on my skin.
  • I often don't pronunce words with rs correctly. Ones with rs in the middle I pronounce in a sort of modified Cork accent e.g fayuhmuh (farmer) and ones with rs at the end I pronunce like someone from the southern United States e.g flo' (floor).
  • I haven't worn shorts in I don't know how many years and I don't own a single pair. I don't know why I'm not keen on them.
  • While what little sexuality I have is straight and my body is all male my mind is either intersex or neutrois or just plain mechanical. See this blog post. You will probably find all of this confusing but so do I. 
  • I am a claustrophile (I like closed spces.)
  • Elle (2D Wonderland) has a character called Kleinod whose appearance and personality are a lot like mine but he isn't based on me at all. He's based on Kunzite which makes a lot of sense now that I think about it since Kunzite would be my favourite of the Shitennou if they weren't villains and if I like anything other than the first season of the original anime. 


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