Shimazu Sumiko

aka Shima

  • I live in the State of Dreaming
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is browsing the interwebs
  • I am good at starting stuff and never finishing it

Hello and welcome to my profile. I'm Shimazu or Shima for short.

My History with Sailor Moon

Growing up, I was more likely to watch Scooby-Doo than anything on Toonami. I didn't even know what Sailor Moon was until seventh grade, which was the year that I found out about anime.

When I found out about it, I didn't know that each season had a different-ish name. I just thought that the whole anime was named Sailor Moon and just Sailor Moon. That didn't help when I was watching the show on an illegal streaming site for anime (I was young and didn't know better). So, I went over to YouTube and watched the DiC dub (or Cloverway dub, I dunno which) since this was 2009, long before the announcement that VizMedia was redubbing the series. I got around the halfway point that I ran into a recap episode, one before the Infinity arc, that I noticed something significant: Usagi's voice sounded... odd. It was different and the person who was voicing her now sounded like she was trying to imitate the one who came before her. It was very distracting, to say the least. Then I found out that the show was 200 episodes long and there were other anime that I wanted to watch anyway. So I stopped watching and paid the series no more attention.

Then, sometime in 2015, I decided to watch Sailor Moon Crystal. I had heard that it was going to be a more faithful adaptation of the manga which meant that there would be less episodes to get through. So, I watched it and here I am. :)

Sailor Moon Favorites

  • Inner Sailor Senshi: Sailor Mercury or Sailor V/Sailor Venus
  • Outer Sailor Senshi: Sailor Pluto
  • Favorite Senshi Overall: Sailor Pluto
  • Favorite Senshi Outfit: Sailor Cosmos's

Random Facts About Myself

  • I like to draw, though I don't do much of it anymore.
  • My favorite image manipulation program is Easy Paint Tool Sai.
  • I love a lot of sweets, but my favorite kind of junk food are Mint Milano's.
  • In terms of actual, nutritious food, I love pizza (big shock, I know xD), lasagna, pears, cucumbers, tacos, among others.
  • My favorite anime is Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • My favorite manga is A Bride's Story.
  • I'm an amateur writer who has a lot of story ideas, but writes very little.
  • I love visual novels, but have no money to spend on them, so I mainly play free VNs that I can find on the internet. Of the ones I've found and played (which, admittedly, haven't been much), Y;N (Yin, Yes or No) is my favorite.
  • Generally, I like any song that catches my ear, regardless of genre. That being said, I tend to prefer pop (all types)/alternative and I love Vocaloid and anime soundtracks/themes.
  • In terms of books, I like reading historical mysteries, especially ones set in Japan.
  • Speaking of Japan, I'm very interested in the culture, language, and history of the country.
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