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== My Creations! ==
== My Creations! ==
I am a fanatic writer, tough. So, I'm doing many fanfics and I'm very active on '''''Fandom of Sailor Moon Wiki '''''and''''' '''''I transformed one of them in a real work ( I hope I'll find someone who will make it an anime). So, my work is named '''''Fairy Power''''', and is much something like ''Pretty Cure.''
''Update: ''Project turned down: I'm curreently trying to read every chapter the Kodansha re-release English version and watching the whole anime PLUS Japanese writing lessons and intensive swimming therapy. ( Don't forget the fanfics)

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 About me! :D Edit

Hi! I am Alex Chase and I'l talk a bit about myself.

  • I'm 11 year old, Virgo (like Sailor Mercury) and I can say that my life is writing fanfic!
  • As I said, I love writing, reading. creating fanfic, swimming and kittens! Also, I'm huge fan of Sailor Moon and I'm recently reading various manga and watching magical girl anime.
  • I'm dreaming to create a real story from my fanfics, but I cannot find a titile as cool as Sailor Senshi or Pretty Cure.
  • If have a question about me, write on my talk page! Don't be shy! I like making friends!

My favorites !Edit

  • Favorite character : Sailor Moon
  • Favorite Inner Senshi : Sailor Venus
  • Favorite Outer Senshi : Sailor Pluto
  • Least favorite Inner Senshi: Makoto Kino
  • Least favorite Outer Senshi: Sailor Uranus
  • Favorite villain: Queen Beryl/ Black Lady
  • Least favourite villain: Zirconia
  • Favourite attack: Moon Healing Escalation and Moon Princess Halation
  • Favourite coulple: Minako x Danburite
  • Least favourite thing about the franchise: Toon Makers version of Sailor Moon.
  • Favourite thing about the franchise: The storyline: it's awesome!
  • Favourite first anime episode: Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A new reinacarnation!
  • Favorite series : First Anime
  • Favorite manga arc : Black Moon arc
  • Favorite Season : Sailor Moon R
  • Favorite Starlight : None. ( I hate them all)
  • Favorite Codename : Sailor V character : Minako Aino / Sailor V
  • Favorite Opening: Moonlight Densetsu
  • Least Favourite Opening: Makenai
  • Favourite Dub: Korean Dub
  • Least favourite dub: French Dub
  • Favourite VIdeo Game: Another Story
  • Least favourite video game: Sailor Moon Sailor StarS Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2

How I discovered Sailor Moon... Edit

In 2013, I was total addicted to grrek/roman mythology and the Outer Space: all the day, I was reading, and reading, and reading... and one day, I was reading (LOL) on the computer about the moon goddes Selene, and I found something about ,,Queen Serenity"... I talked with my BF ( a girl) and I found that we both are interesed about that show. Sooo, she watched the first season with romanian subs, and watched it on YouTube, but it was DiC's version. So, when She discovered Sailor Mercury, I was watching the episode after Sailor Mars's. XD

Soon, I was reading, and reading, and reading about Sailor Moon NON-STOP. Day,night,day,night. And I think I becomed what others call a ,,mooniac"! Before I registered on Sailor Moon WIki, I was a fan of WikiMoon, so I have a weakness for it, and I found myself sometimes doing ,,copy&paste", and the admins here send me messages whith ,,don't plagiarize from WikiMoon". But I think: FANS cannot steal from FANS? XD

My Creations! Edit

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