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My favorites !

  • Favorite character : Sailor Moon
  • Favorite Inner Senshi : Sailor Venus
  • Favorite Outer Senshi : Sailor Pluto
  • Least favorite Inner Senshi: Makoto Kino
  • Least favorite Outer Senshi: Sailor Uranus
  • Favorite villain: Black Lady
  • Least favourite villain: Zirconia
  • Favourite attack: Moon Healing Escalation and Moon Princess Halation
  • Favourite coulple: Minako x Danburite
  • Least favourite thing about the franchise: Toon Makers version of Sailor Moon.
  • Favourite thing about the franchise: The storyline: it's awesome!
  • Favourite first anime episode: Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A new reinacarnation!
  • Favorite series : First Anime
  • Favorite manga arc : Black Moon arc
  • Favorite Season : Sailor Moon R
  • Favorite Starlight : None. ( I hate them all)
  • Favorite Codename : Sailor V character : Minako Aino / Sailor V
  • Favorite Opening: Moonlight Densetsu
  • Least Favourite Opening: Makenai
  • Favourite Dub: Korean Dub
  • Least favourite dub: French Dub
  • Favourite VIdeo Game: Another Story
  • Least favourite video game: Sailor Moon Sailor StarS Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2
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