Facts about me

  • I've been a total Sailor Moon fan since I first saw the dub on Toonami in the 90s. I also enjoyed the first season of Digimon.
  • I like both the anime and the manga, but I like the manga the best, and I like Season 3 of Crystal as well
  • I enjoy shows and movies that have women as the heroes (this does not mean, in any way, that I think the men should be set aside altogether)
  • My genre of choice in almost every form of entertainment is fantasy. I just love being taken to a place where the impossible is possible
  • I am on FanFiction, Archive of Our Own, and DeviantArt
  • My favorite food is Pasta
  • My favorite Senshi is Sailor Saturn
  • My hobbies involve reading and writing
  • I am a fan of many of the classic Disney animation movies and love playing the first Kingdom Hearts and I loved Epic Mickey
  • When I create characters (especially for fanfiction) I tend to focus a lot on villains because they are fun to make and create challenges for the heroes
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about this wiki, please do not hesitate to ask

Favorite Sailor Moon Arcs

  1. Dream Arc
  2. Mugen Arc
  3. Dark Kingdom Arc
  4. Black Moon Arc
  5. Stars Arc

Favorite Sailor Moon Seasons

  1. S
  2. Original
  3. R
  4. Stars
  5. SuperS
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