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Sailor Moon was my first anime. I used to make lots of edits here but because of this site's tendency to use Japanese names first even when talking about anime instead of manga I created my own dedicated to the anime, and now both wikis are affiliates. Ghostkaiba297 (talk) 04:36, November 28, 2013 (UTC)

Believe it or not, once I started getting more into Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Yu-Gi-Oh, I came to misjudge shows with a set of five or more female protagonists, as many once did with Sailor Moon and continue to do with Winx Club, until one day many years later I had a dream which led me to remember everything I loved about Sailor Moon, and, after some research, realized that that entire judgment was nonsense (not to mention sexist). Following that I have great respect for shows with a set of female protagonists such as Sailor Moon, MLP, or Winx Club (which of course doesn't mean I like the male characters any less). This led to a chain reaction resulting in Scott McNeil becoming my favorite voice actor (even though he has nothing to do with this franchise).

Sailor Moon also sparked my interest in one of my more unpopular opinions regarding villain defeats, which I might share here because there seems to be only one other person here, and he is the kind of person that respects the opinions of others even if they disagree. (I received a lot of hate from the pony fandom for it, which used to be comprised of the most accepting people)

While I like an animated show to not be afraid to kill characters (or at least villains), I also don't care for some mature content, which I heard is present in the uncut of the original anime, but absent from both the original dub (excluding S) and Crystal. Still, I've seen and ignored worse in other shows. As for the gay characters, I have nothing against that, but I knew Zoycite as female first and prefer to think of Fish Eye as female too.

Favorite Sailor Scouts/Guardians

Sailor Venus is my most favorite, then Sailor Jupiter. As far as outer goes: Sailor Neptune.

Favorite villains

In the original anime, Wiseman. Also Telulu, Rubeus, and Emerald. Counting redeemed villains: Sapphire, Prince Diamond, and Fish Eye.

In Crystal: Zoisite and Nephrite (though they were brainwashed by Beryl). Also, Queen Metalia and Wiseman were quite menacing once their true forms were revealed, and I might like Pharaoh 90 if he's handled right. (Once I see the English episode, I'll probably put Tellu on that list)

Favorite arcs:

My favorite would have to be Sailor Moon R (Black Moon). It had an awesome cast of villains, a decent storyline to it, and a spectacular final battle in the end.

Second would be the first season (Dark Kingdom), as it was the one I was the most familiar with.

I'm undecided for the other two. Sailor Moon S (Death Busters) had a heavier story, the new voices took some getting used to, but had a big rogues gallery, some cool fights/deaths, etc., though the fight with Pharaoh 90 was a little underwhelming, as was the Moon Spiral Heart Attack, both in comparison to previous seasons.

Sailor Moon Super S (Dream arc) had the coolest Sailor Moon finishing move IMO, and seemed more relaxed, as well as the presence of a pegasus. However, the fight with Queen Nehelenia was a little underwhelming as it does not feature a spectacular fight ending in her death like the Negaforce (Queen Metalia), Wiseman, and Pharaoh 90 (closest to that is her being blasted by the Golden Crystal and turning into an old hag). Also the only major villain to die in that season was Zirconia, making it seem more like the kind of show to shy away from that (as opposed to S killing every villain, Tomoe doesn't count because Germatoid was possessing him the whole time).

Being a purist of the original dub of the original anime, I've never seen Sailor Stars so I can't rate it, nor have I read the manga.

As far as Crystal goes, I'll rank Season 2 above Season 1. I'll have to see the dub of Season 3 (if it even gets dubbed) to tell where it stands, though I'm leaning towards either above Season 2 or in the middle (the ending will be a huge factor).

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