• I live in USA
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is high school student
  • I am female


You can call me Rose, which is not my actual name(it comes from my username).

History With Sailor Moon

When I was little, somewhere around first grade, I found two Sailor Moon kids' books that were based on the Doom Tree Ark from the DiC dub of the original anime. I liked them, and read them multiple times, but I didn't know what they were from, and I eventually mostly forgot about them. Earlier this year (2015), the library at my school got a donation of graphic novels and manga. One of them was the Sailor Moon manga, and I decided to read it, since I had heard of it before. I liked it, and read all of the volumes. I started watching Crystal, and then I also started watching the original anime.

Favorite Sailor Moon Characters

I like most of the major characters in Sailor Moon, but here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.

Sailor Jupiter/Makoto (favorite senshi)

Zoisite (favorite bad guy)

Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask

Usagi/Sailor Moon

Sailor Neptune (a tie for favorite outer senshi)

Sailor Pluto (a tie for favorite outer senshi)


Favorite Story Ark

Dark Kingdom Ark

Other Anime/Manga I Like

Fruits Basket (anime and manga)

Fullmetal Alchemist (anime and manga)

Princess Tutu (anime and manga)

I have not finished any of these, so no spoilers please. I also have more anime that I want to watch, but I want to finish some of these first.

Other Facts About Me

I like acting, singing, drawing, and reading.

I know how to sew, and I can make clothes with a sewing machine.

My favorite colors are purple and blueish greenish colors, such as teal, aqua, and mint. I also like some shades of pink, green, and blue.

My favorite foods are pizza, salad, and ice cream.

I am a vegetarian (I don't eat meat, but I do eat milk and eggs).

I sometimes come up with story ideas. I have two that I am developing right now.

I watch Doctor Who.

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